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Your Face Could Unlock the New iPhone 8

Your Face Could Unlock the New iPhone 8


Your Face Could Unlock the New iPhone 8


There have been various rumors are circulating about the iPhone 8 over the last couple of months. The latest speculation about the iPhone 8 is dual FaceTime camera able to take 3D selfies. Also, your face could unlock the new iPhone 8. It has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Good News For Apple Enthusiasts – Your Face Could Unlock the New iPhone 8, And It Might Really Happen

Your Face Could Unlock the New iPhone 8


Earlier, we heard the news that Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 would integrate a 3D camera system. Though, this speculated facial recognition feature stands out because an image would not easily fool its front-facing. Whereas, a picture could trick a single lens as we have seen with Galaxy S8. Now, this is why the dual lens is imperative.

Mac Otakara reports about a possibility that 24 mm wide-angle lens will be installed on the existing 32 mm camera. Or maybe paired with a 28 MM lens. We suspect that iPhone 8 front camera(s) could be a game-changer in this case regarding accuracy due to its speculated infrared sensors. It could apparently even tell identical twins apart.

Apple prominent predictor and KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo earlier indicated about it. He said that Apple would ditch Touch ID with the iPhone 8 for this new facial identification security method. It certainly sounds more authentic. Kuo has been proven right many times in the past. Apple bought Real Face, a company known for its face recognition tech.

In the meantime, LG Innotek said to supply the actual Facial recognition cameras to Apple for $238.5 million as per the reports by Korea Economic Daily. The company already provides the iPhone 7’s rear-facing dual lens. So, this new order is making sense. An OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and almost no bezels on display are coming hopefully.

In Our Opinion

All these new additions including iris scanner. However, you should also expect the price will increase. According to Forbes report, the iPhone 8 would cost around $1000. Though, we can take this with just a pinch of salt. We hope that you liked our article. You can express your opinion about the facial recognition feature in the comment below.

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