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Weekly Round-Up Of iPhone 8: Two Batteries, Vertical Dual Camera, Leaked Design, And Much More

Round-Up Of iPhone 8

Weekly Round-Up

Weekly Round-Up Of iPhone 8: Two Batteries, Vertical Dual Camera, Leaked Design, And Much More


April’s last week was full of leaks and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8. The news suggests that there will be two iPhone 8 models. Alleged blueprint of iPhone 8 reveals the dual vertical back cameras and two batteries, and a claim that iPhone 8 will still sell like crazy. So let’s combine all the last week news together in our round-up of iPhone 8.

Worth $1000 iPhone 8 With OLED Screen, Dual Vertical Camera And Much More In Our Weekly Round-Up Of iPhone 8

Round-Up Of iPhone 8

Rumor: There Will Only Be 2 iPhone 8 Models In 2017

Most of the analysts and observers are now have consensus that there will be three iPhone models in 2017. However, a new report from Mac Rumors says that a Chinese tech blog claims to have inside information that there will be two variants of iPhone 8 in 2017.

These models are iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. We think that it is great news if it is true. It suggests that both variants will have top-notch features and specifications. Having said that, the claims by the blog does not have its facts straight, and it is questionable. It is is the first rumor of this type, we cover round-up of iPhone 8 every week, but previously there were no rumors like this.

If you want to know more about it, then click here.

Alleged iPhone 8 Blueprint Reveals Dual Vertical Cameras And Dual Batteries

iPhone 8 blueprint

The iPhone 8 is undoubtedly the most awaited phone of 2017. As release days are coming closer, we are witnessing a new speculation every day about it. Now a new iPhone 8 blueprint reveals the internal components. We have seen numerous leaks related to specs and features. Most of them support the news about featuring dual lens rear camera like the iPhone 7 Plus.

The blueprint is also indicating the same. You can see in the image that it is likely to feature a vertically shaped rear dual lens camera.

You can also check a 3D camera and an infrared biometric scanner at the top. There is also news that the iPhone 8 will come up with two batteries.

However, it is contradicting some of the earlier rumors. The drawing shows that the fingerprint sensor will put on the front of the device. Another noteworthy thing in the diagram is that it is representing dual speakers as well.

Of course, like all the other news, its reliability is not determined. We have to wait for the official announcement of iPhone 8 this year.

If you want to read more about it, then click here.

A $1,000 iPhone 8 Will Still Sell Like Crazy

iPhone 8 Will Still Sell Like Crazy


It is not a new thing to heard. We covered stories previously about the hefty price tag of $1000 for iPhone 8. In our opinion, the iPhone 8 will still sell like crazy.

So of the analysts and observers are worried about it and probably wrong too. A research note from Longbow also said that Apple has the right to ask for more money because of the technologies introducing in it.

The increase in memory, new design, OLED display, and much more are some of the aspects that could ascertain Apple to charge more for the iPhone 8.

In 2016, they cost only $20 more for the iPhone 7 Plus model compared to the 2015 models. Otherwise, Apple mostly kept the same price of iPhone for years.

Apple managed to sell iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus higher than the average. It suggests that people are ready to pay more Apple smartphones.

Even if Apple set the cost $1000 for iPhone 8, then it will not be a problem for many Apple fans. Apple itself has an Upgrade Program for iPhone variants that makes easier to update. Other than Apple, the cellular networks and carriers also convince their existing customers to upgrade old models with latest versions.

If you want to know more about it, then click here.

Apple’s Actual iPhone 8 Design Have Just Leaked For The First Time

iPhone 8 by Benjamin Geskin

Benjamin Geskin who is prominent for leaking news about the unreleased smartphones has come up with new leaks. He tweeted some dummy iPhone 8 images, and maybe it could be our first glimpse at how the forthcoming iPhone 8 would look. We keep our eye on iPhone 8 for 24 hours and make round-up of iPhone 8 every week, but we did not see these type of pictures before.  We also cannot doubt the authenticity of Geskin because mostly his leaks are usually accurate.

It is the very first time that we are witnessing iPhone 8 design. The device is sleek with narrow bezels. The sides of the device are polished stainless steel and the OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode size is reportedly 2.5D glass.

iPhone 8 from different angles

You can see the better shots of the forthcoming iPhone 8 side, front, and back. We can witness the vertical shaped dual lens back camera. We talked about the blueprint above which revealed that iPhone 8 would have a vertical shaped camera. So, Geskin leaked images are supporting it.

Talking about the size, Geskin said that iPhone 8 would be 7.1 mm and it will remain just like the iPhone 7. Remember, the images are obviously a dummy unit. We know that Apple experiments with many iPhone mock-ups before deciding a final design.

If you want to read more about it, then click here.

In Our Opinion

Right now, we can take all these rumors, news, and tweets with just a grain of salt because there is no official confirmation from the Cupertino-based tech giant. However, we can rely on Geskin tweets because he is one of the most accurate leakers of Apple in the world. As far as two iPhone 8 models are a concern, we think it is good news, and Apple should keep it simple. Having said that, they probably release three variants of iPhone. They could be iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and Premium iPhone 8.

We hope that you liked our weekly round-up of iPhone 8. We write iPhone 8 round-ups every week so you must bookmark our website to visit us again with ease every time you wish to get latest updates about the upcoming iPhone 8.

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