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These Amazing Apple’s iPhone 8 Features Will Win Customers

These iPhone 8 Features Will Win Customers


These Amazing Apple’s iPhone 8 Features Will Win Customers


The iPhone 8 rumors are heating up, mainly because Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of manufacturing iPhone. There are many high hopes for the upcoming iPhone 8. Also, there are many amazing features are coming and those iPhone 8 features will win customers. So, we will tell and discuss them with you in our article.

Finally, There Is Something Good For Apple – These iPhone 8 Features Will Win Customers Undoubtedly

These iPhone 8 Features Will Win Customers

There is a lot to cover about the iPhone 8, so let’s get start with the top features in listicle order.

  1. Wireless charging
  2. Fast charging
  3. OLED display
  4. AR and VR
  5. Biometrics
  6. Processor

1. Wireless Charging


It is one of the most important iPhone 8 features that will win customers. The earlier rumors were suggesting that Apple is working on long-range charging wirelessly. However, the recent speculation and information indicating something else. Instead of long-range techniques of wireless charging, Apple will use an inductive-style solution like the Apple Watch.

Apple joined Wireless Power Consortium in February. It is committed to the development of Qi wireless charging standard that different devices like the Galaxy series usually use. Apple has filed numerous patents for inductive charging. Many hires with their expertise in wireless charging also joined the company. It is speculated that Apple has approximately five different groups working in its company. They are trying to implement wireless charging technology in the upcoming iPhone.

Moreover, we have also heard that Apple will use a separate accessory that needs to be bought separately. Japanese website, Mac Otakara recently said, “Apple would use a wireless charging accessory which is design through a technology sourced from Luxshare.” They reportedly delivered the components for the Apple Watch in the past.

So, we cannot say confidently that iPhone 8 features a long range wireless charging. Maybe we have to put it on some accessory to charge wirelessly like the Galaxy S8 and others.

2. Fast Charging


Forbes cites Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone model to feature fast charging technology. The customers have long requested the rapid charging function. It is available on most of the Android latest smartphones. More specifically, the Forbes claims that there will be a chip called “Tristar 3, Hydra” that manages the charging port.

It is worth noting that tech may not be compatible with existing fast charging standards. The tech is not producing by Qualcomm, which offers “Quick Charge” for Android devices. The prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted in February 2017 that probably iPhone 8 will feature fast charging.

3. OLED Display

iPhone OLED


iPhone 8 may feature flexible OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode. Apple has signed a deal with Samsung already to produce OLED panels for devices set to debut in 2017. If Apple introduces OLED screen and wireless charging, then these iPhone 8 features will win customers.

Samsung will deliver Apple with guesstimated 160 million OLED displays for the rumored 5.8 inch OLED iPhone. It will account for 80% of all the panels used for the device. While other companies like Sharp, AU Optronics, Japan Display are working on OLED displays. However, they are not ready for the production until the end of 2017. It means that Apple will rely heavily on Samsung in 2017.

What Actually OLED Provides?

OLED displays provide truer colors, better contrast ratio, improved viewing angles. Along with better power efficiency to maximize battery life, and faster response time than LCD for faster refresh rates. However, OLED panels do not have the lifespan like an LCD, and they are more prone to water damage.

4. AR And VR


Robert Scoble writes in his Facebook post, one of the more clear and surprising predictions concerns AR and VR. He said that it is amazing AR, VR or even mixed reality is coming to a smartphone and coming by the end of 2017.

He discusses on its importance and effects that a mixed-reality iPhone 8 could have on the market. Apple’s entrance into the new world is like when IBM enter into the personal computing world.

Scoble is not the only one who is predicting that Apple plunges into the world of augmented reality. Business Insider also claims that Apple is already working on methods to integrate AR components into the iPhone Camera.

5. Biometrics

iPhone 8 biometrics

The biometrics of iPhone 8 includes facial recognition, iris scanning, and a new front-facing camera system. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone 8 features all these three things. He usually predicts Apple plan’s accurate. These iPhone 8 features will win customers.

Touch ID

He also thinks that Apple will introduce Touch ID technology. The new technology will build into the glass of the display, and it will enhance transactions security. He also predicts that Apple will switch from a capacitive Touch ID function to an optical system. DigiTimes said that Apple would introduce new fingerprint scanner or recognition technology and it is going to develop in-house. However, Apple is struggling to implement Touch ID under glass and could delay this feature.

According to the rumor, Apple sourcing iris is scanning chips from Xintec, a Taiwan-based supplier. According to the fast company, Apple is working with Lumentum to develop 3D sensing technology that will include in iPhone 8 features.

6. Processor

A11 Processor

Apple has contained proprietary processor chips that you will not find in any other phones. Apple iPhone 6S has A9 Fusion chip, and iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion chip, for example. However, these chips are in-house, but several other companies are involved. Economic Daily News says that Apple iPhone 8 features A11 Fusion chip in April 2017.

In Our Opinion

As a result, these iPhone 8 features will win customers, and we hope that Apple will feature them in the upcoming iPhone 8. There are few things like long-range wireless charging which will not take place in this year model in our opinion. Apple is expected to release iPhone 8 at the end of 2017. Traditionally they launch in September but several reports suggesting a delay in release. So, these OLED display and AR features are the things that will take time and result in release delay.

Therefore, we can only take these things with just a pinch of salt because nothing is official yet. We hope that you like our article, now tell us in comments about what are you thinking? Do you believe that these rumors are reliable and Apple will introduce them in 2017?

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