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Here Is The Reason Why iPhone 8 Will Be Delayed: Read To Know More

Here Is The Reason Why iPhone 8 Will Be Delayed


Here Is The Reason Why iPhone 8 Will Be Delayed: Read To Know More


As the reports are suggesting, the iPhone 8 will be delayed. The delay is due to the fingerprint scanner, said by Wall Street firm. In a note to investors, Cowen and Company told that fingerprint scanner production problems are to blame for the Apple’s iPhone 8 delay.

The Upcoming iPhone 8 Will Be Delayed Because Of Fingerprint Scanner

Here Is The Reason Why iPhone 8 Will Be Delayed

On the other hand, many of the iPhone observers and analysts believe that Apple will launch iPhone 8 in September. They also expect that along with iPhone 8; Apple will also launch iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.


But KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo said last month that the iPhone 8 might not come until October or November 2017. The Drexel Hamilton’s Brian White predicted the same.

Crowen and Company said Apple and its partners are endeavoring to cram the fingerprint scanner under the new OLED glass panels expected on the iPhone 8.

The fingerprint scanner yield problems remain unresolved. Incorporating the fingerprint reader under glass creates a significant yield obstacle. The entire display should scrap rather than just the fingerprint reader module, said by Cowan.

It is still possible; Apple has to put the fingerprint on the rear of the device. It is likely that Apple release date will slightly delay by 4 to 6 weeks to fix the problems and make a final decision.

In other words, Apple may be able to refrain the problem altogether and skirt a delay by moving the Touch ID fingerprint reader to the rear of the iPhone 8. The is not unheard of; manufacturers of Android often place the fingerprint scanner on the back. The Google Pixel by Google being one example.

In Our Opinion

The prominent predictor Ming Chi Kuo pointed delays related to the display of iPhone 8. So, we cannot say anything right now, it may be a rumor, or it may be right. We just have to wait at least two months to get things clearer. Tell us in comments about which month are you expecting as the release month of iPhone 8?

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