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Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Vodafone

Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Vodafone


Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Vodafone


The wireless carrier Vodafone UK is the second best cellular network company in the world. The foundation of the Vodafone was laid in 1992, and it is own by Vodafone Group. The current CEO of Vodafone is Jeroen Hoencamp. So, the preorder Apple iPhone 8 on Vodafone is starting from 11th of September 2017.

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Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Vodafone

Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On O2


The Vodafone is providing two different methods of pre-ordering iPhone 8. The methods are easy and simple, such as ‘Pay As You Go’ and ‘Pay Monthly.’

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Pay As You Go

It is an easy way, you just have to pay the full amount of Apple iPhone 8, and the new iPhone 8 device will be yours.

Pay Monthly

It is an easy way too, but there are three variants of iPhone. One of them is basic iPhone 8; second is the premium iPhone 8 Plus, and the third one special edition of iPhone X. So, the first basic iPhone 8 will cost you $29.12, the second premium iPhone 8 Plus will cost you $33.29, and the third iPhone 8 X will cost you $$41.62. The price mention before is one-month payment, and you have to pay these installments till 24 months.

You can preorder iPhone 8 by clicking the link below.
Preorder iPhone 8 On Vodafone

Apple iPhone 8 Price On Vodafone

The model, storage, price, and monthly installments will give you a better idea as per your suitability.

ModelStoragePriceMonthly Installment
iPhone 864 GB$699$29.12
iPhone 8256 GB$849$35.37
iPhone 8 Plus64 GB$799$33.29
iPhone 8 Plus256 GB$949$39.54
iPhone X64 GB$999$41.62
iPhone X256 GB$1149$47.87

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