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Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Sprint

Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Sprint


Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Sprint


The cellular company Sprint is one of the biggest carriers in the US with 59.5 million subscribers in the country. The iPhone 8 rumors are everywhere on the internet, and people are curious about the details and specifics about the pre-orders. So, we will tell you about preorder Apple iPhone 8 on Sprint and its different methods.

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Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Sprint

Preorder Apple iPhone 8 On Sprint

So, you do not have much time to think. The pre-orders are starting from 15th of September. May be you are reading this after the start of iPhone 8 pre-orders, so do not waste any time and pre-order it now.


Before that, you need to know about different methods of pre-ordering. So, there are three variants of iPhone. The primary iPhone 8, the premium iPhone 8 Plus, and the special edition iPhone X. However, we let’s keep our focus on iPhone 8 variants now.

So, there are three methods to pre-order iPhone 8 on Sprint such as Sprint Full Retail, Sprint Two-Year Contract (Best Buy), and Sprint Installment Plan.

Sprint Full Retail

The method is simple, you just need to pay the full amount at once, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be yours.

Sprint Two-Year Contract (Best Buy)

This method is quite complicated because you need to pay some upfront amount and rest of the payment through installments. At the time of writing this, Sprint website has not any information on the upfront cost of iPhone 8.

Sprint Installment Plan

In this method, you have to pay $29.12 for iPhone 8 till 24 months and $33.29 for the iPhone 8 Plus. The details are listed below in iPhone 8 price table.

You can preorder iPhone 8 on Sprint by clicking this link: Preorder iPhone 8 On Sprint

Apple iPhone 8 Price On Sprint

ModelStoragePriceMonthly Installment
iPhone 864 GB$69929.12
iPhone 8256 GB$84935.37
iPhone 8 Plus64 GB$79933.29
iPhone 8 Plus256 GB$94939.54
iPhone X64 GB$99941.62
iPhone X256 GB$114947.87

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