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Check Out These Modish Battery Cases For The iPhone 8 And 8 Plus!

modish battery cases


Check Out These Modish Battery Cases For The iPhone 8 And 8 Plus!


Before your iPhone 8 loses its charm for you cover it up with a protective case that also includes a battery for instant charging.  Wrap it up in modish battery cases.

Apple alleges 12 hours life for its new iPhone 8 and 13 hours for the iPhone 8 Plus. Although they might not reach their expectations with the number and type of apps and features you run on them.Many times our phones drain too early even before half of the day progresses. And in most of the situations, it is not convenient for us to recharge them especially when we are on the move. Even wireless charging seems useless.

Power bank, a portable battery charger, provides a solution. But yes, that would mean carrying around an extra cable along with taking up valuable bag or pocket space.

Apple Along With Other Companies Introduce Modish Battery Cases

modish battery cases

Apple holding true to its name introduces its battery case to solve all your troubles. The latest addition to iPhone’s series, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been shouting out loud for a protective case. The protective case breathes in life in the phone when the battery starts to fade.The upgrading of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus involves glassy front and back. The glass body was to allow for the wireless charging, yet has made the phone vulnerable. This is why protection has become important and a battery case will be a lifesaver.

Apple extols and raves about the efficiency of its new A11 Bionic chipset. It is regarded as being 70 percent efficient while idle in contrast with the A10 in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Surprisingly Apple’s own comparison page regards the battery life of 7 vs. 8 to be the same. It turns out that Apple has only tempered the battery sizes in both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The battery range of iPhone 8 is 1,821mAh, which is 7 percent less than iPhone 7’s 1,960mAh battery. Moreover, the iPhone 8 Plus has a battery capacity of 2,691mAh, the smallest to be seen in the Plus range, and is 8 percent smaller than the 2,9000mAh battery in the 7 Plus.

Apple again neglects the battery life, but iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will definitely go miles wrapped up in a battery case and with its glass back protected.

The Modish Battery Cases

There is a little hunch, covering up iPhone 8’s glass back could affect the wireless-charging option. But there are some cases which allow for this and retain the wireless functionality. There are just a few differences in iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. There are chances it will fit into the older case for iPhone 7. This is helpful for the users given the shortage in the iPhone 8 battery case.

Let’s delve into some of the battery cases that work for both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

1. Mophie Juice Pack Classic

Mophie is on the top of the list of smartphone battery cases, and all its products are top notch. Good things never come for free, and so they tend to be more expensive than many of the battery cases coming from China on Amazon.

Mophie rolls out new battery cases for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but you will find them on the Apple store. Mophie doesn’t sell from its website but to on the Apple Store. The Mophie Juice Pack Classic for iPhone 8/7 and the Juice Pack Classic for iPhone 8/7 Plus are all Apple certified.

modish battery cases

While testing Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7/7 Plus cases, they fit and work fine on the new 8 and 8 Plus. You can find it on the Mophie Store.

Juice Pack Classic which will cost £79.95 and Juice Pack Air for £89.95 have the same power capacities. 2,525mAh for 7/8 and 2,420mAh for the 7 Plus/8 Plus. Both seem enough for close on a full recharge of the fading iPhone battery.

By an extra £10 on the Air, you get wireless charging through the case. And with Classic, you will have to remove the casing from iPhone 8 for wireless charging. Added to this, the casing too requires charging with the included Micro USB cable.


With the Apple Smart Battery Case, the iPhone fills as the battery fades. On the other hand, the Juice Pack waits for you to initiate the recharge. You can do so with the button to the back of the case. There are four LED charge indicator lights to let you know how much power is left.

For robust protection, the Mophie Juice pack is more suitable. Though it feels a bit bulkier than the Apple Smart Case.

For the Classic case, you need a Micro USB cable in contrast to the Juice Pack Air, which charges both wirelessly or through the Micro USB. The Classic which comes in Black color only weighs 99.5g, while the air with its Black, Gold or Rose Gold weighs 103.3g.

2. Marsno Case iPhone 7/8

There are cheaper alternatives to official Apple and Mophie cases. The Marsno Battery case is of £33 on Amazon UK and $30 on for the white version. It features a larger capacity of 3000mAh battery. Recharging the iPhone from 10% to full.

It is a simple one-piece design similar to Apple but with a less prominent hump. It is lighter in weight, 95g, and so is at the light end of the battery cases pooled up here.

modish battery cases

Much like the Apple case this charges with a Lightning cable which we prefer to the knotty Micro USB. The real lightning connector doesn’t appear to be official but does work. Only if it would have been official, it would have scored much higher.

3. Runsy iPhone Battery Case 8/7/6s/6

modish battery cases

Among all, the heavier and a bit bulkier one is the Runsy Battery Case that weighs 139g. This extra burden that you have to carry is due to the giant 5,800mAh battery capacity. It by no means is an ultra slim design that the manufacturer boasts of.

This case has two-parts which is fiddly but won’t be much of a problem as the phone lives inside the case. There was a slight concern by the internal unofficial-looking lightning connector that looked like it would impale the iPhone’s charging slot. There is a little stand so you can use it to prop up the phone when watching a video, there is also a full-sized USB slot that can be used to attach the second phone. YES! You can charge two phones at once. Even though it is the cheapest of the battery cases that work on iPhone 8, its big brute of a case.

The admirers of Runsy are the long-haul travelers or some of the demanding users who require such a large backup battery. But for the casual ones, this is extra battery life and a phone protection!

4. Nektech iPhone 7/8 Battery Case

This case has an Apple-certified Lightning connector. The battery capacity is 3,100mAh giving you a full recharge. It is not as giant as the other cheaper cases but comparatively larger than the Apple and Mophie battery cases.

modish battery case

The LED strip at the back shows the amount of charge left. You can recharge it by a MicroUSB cable. The Nektech battery case prices £26 on Amazon and $40 on Amazon US for iPhone 8.

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