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Latest iPhone 8 Is Super Fast With Big Bionic Glass And Other Features

latest iPhone 8


Latest iPhone 8 Is Super Fast With Big Bionic Glass And Other Features


The latest iPhone 8 is an iteration of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. These models carry forward all the features of previous iPhone 7 and 7 Plus along with top to bottom enhancements. The new aluminum-ringed strengthen glass case architecture is providing a distinctive appearance to the handset. The convenience of Qi “wireless” inductive charging, iP67 dust and liquid intrusion resistance; new Fast Charging; support for True Tone technology on its 3D Touch and Wide Color Retina HD Display are some of the headline features of iPhone 8. It has the most advanced mobile chip A11 Bionic feature six-core architecture. This Chip is capable to scale up the performance and back down to deliver energy efficiency for battery life. The incredible slow sync flash feature of iPhone 8 for better and more realistic scene illumination in low light settings is also included in the latest iPhone 8 model.

latest iPhone 8

The 2017 iPhone Lineup

The latest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus modules are priced at $699 and $799. It is $50 and $30 more than the entry price of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The storage capacity of iPhone 8 is 64GB as compared to 32GB last year. The entry price of iPhone 8 is in the middle of earlier launch price of 32GB and 128GB iPhone 7. Whereas, the cost of 256GB iPhone 8 is the same as the 256GB iPhone 7. It means that Apple is arbitrarily raising the price of iPhone 8. It has enhanced the entry configuration leaving more room for Apple to accommodate the sale of earlier models at a low cost. Along with the launch of iPhone X, Apple is now offering a broad range of pricing tiers.

The latest iPhone 8 models have few new color options as compared to the last year, i.e., Silver, Gold, and Space Grey. These colors with glass finish deliver a very distinctive look. Now the Product (RED) version is missing that Apple sold last year. Historically, Apple introduced exclusive, new, unique color finishes to distinguish its latest iPhone generation. But now with iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple entirely focused on technology and design in depth. It is also expected that the Apple can introduce new color options for its new iPhone 8 models later on after catching up with the initial demand.

What’s New #1: Induction Charging Brings The Glass Back

Apple is continuously enhancing its iPhone lineup. It is incrementally building on previous technology development with a clear strategy. Rather than just bumping up the display resolution, Apple is changing the size of its screen and introducing temporary gimmick feature for one or two seasons.

The display architecture and material used in iPhone 8 all factors are remarkable. The new home button in iPhone 8 will make it easier for the user to achieve dust and liquid intrusion resistance.


This year Apple has redesigned the case of iPhone 8 to accommodate new Qi wireless charging feature. Induction coil behind new glass back is also included in latest iPhone 8. This latest matter is made up of internal steel frame to support the display. The inner steel frame will help the display panel on the front. The magnetically translucent glass panel on the back rings with an aluminum bumper.

Rich, Glossy Color On The Back

The strengthen glass back of iPhone 8 has multiple layers of color which gives the device a creamy luster. It looks luxurious and stunning as compared to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Inky dark Jet Black of iPhone 7 and the glass back on iPhone look like slate grey coated in gloss with dark metal edges. The front of all three model includes basic, familiar white or black as seen before. It is not terrible, but it looks new. iPhone 8 back is so beautiful and unique. It make you stop and admire the work for a minute. The new glass back of iPhone 8 is not only eye-catching, but it is different from the metal backs of recent phones.

What’s New #2: True Tone Display For Color Management

Other than avoiding the influence of display, the iPhone 8 is now enabling the True Tone white balance. Accurate Tone technology uses a four-channel ambient light sensor which will measure both light intensity and color temperature with an intention to make screen responsive to the environment.

According to Apple the goals of true tone technology is to have color appear as they can on the printed sheet of paper. True Tone reduces eye strain and sounds like nice. But it is not a compelling feature encouraging people to upgrade. The true tone is the tip of the iceberg of Apple to deliver a sophisticated color management to iOS.

What’s New #3: Qi Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will provide support for wireless charging. The previous broadcast load was not that much useful because USB cable was needed to the charging pad which was used to transfer the energy to the device without any physical plug. Apple included a wireless charging disc in iPhone 8 box. The new phone model will not work with the existing charging disc for Apple Watch. Apple will support Qi charging specifications. The company is also planning to introduce AirPower charging pad. This will provide unique support for charging up to three devices at once.

What’s New #4: USB-PD Fast Charging

iPhone 8 feature fast charging. This super compelling feature will allow users to use 29-watt USB-Power Delivery specifications. Now you can charge from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes with USB-C and USB 3.1. The latest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models will make the use of Apple’s 29 watts USB-C MacBook power adapters.

What’s New #5: A11 Bionic is Faster, More Efficient And Has Modern Capabilities

Apple’s new A11 Bionic Application Processor in iPhone 8 will deliver specialized capabilities, starting with Apple’s first internally-designed GPU. It is 30% faster than imagination based GPU in iPhone 7. It is not only faster but more efficient. As to match the work of A10 Fusion GPU, it makes the use of half energy.

It is worth mentioning here that Apple describes its new mobile A11 Bionic GPU Family 4 graphics architecture which is using Tile Based Deferred Rendering. TBDR is a rendering technology which is created for mobile devices with limited resources.

A11 Bionic also features a new Neural Engine in its image signal processor. It is tuned to solve specific problems such as matching, analyzing and calculating thousands of reference points in the flood of image data rushing from the sensor of the camera.

Latest iPhone 8 In Review

In short, the iPhone 8 is a substantial upgrade over the last year’s iPhone 7 model. Particularly, the advanced camera and speedy processor promises to deliver augmented reality apps, utilities, and games based on the new ARKit framework.

Wireless charging is an excellent addition in it, but fast charging is something more valuable. If you are planning to upgrade your present handset, you will likely wait for the iPhone X. As it feels like more advance and new. Other than the use of Face ID and departure from the home button, it is considered to be the future of smartphone for the next ten years.

However, the iPhone 8 is here offering a significant set of advancement in speed, camera, and water resistance. You are familiar with the shape and functionality of the device, and it will not require you to pay a premium price nor will it change the way you are using your phone.

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