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KGI Says That iPhone 8 May Face Worst Shortage Scenario

iPhone 8 May Face Worst Shortage


KGI Says That iPhone 8 May Face Worst Shortage Scenario


According to KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the upcoming iPhone 8 may face worst shortage scenario as production issues continue to surface. The analyst has an excellent record of accurate predictions. 9 To 5 Mac obtained this note.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo Predicts That iPhone 8 May Face Worst Shortage Scenario And Not Available Until November

iPhone 8 May Face Worst Shortage


Kuo said yesterday on Tuesday that Apple is facing worst case scenario. Apple might not be able to make as many iPhone 8 unit as initially expected. Thanks to issues with new features.

“We are witnessing more indication that the worst case scenario forecasted in our April report could materialize, where new iPhone 8 shipments in 2017 are revised down to 80-90 mn units from 100-110 mn units (vs. consensus of 100-120 mn units),” said by Kuo.

He previously said that iPhone 8 would delay until November 2017. Due to problems related to merging new OLED displays with the fingerprint reader.

Kuo is specifically concerned with “whether the 3D sensor of the OLED iPhones provides an innovative user experience. Whether iPhone 8 OLED cancels Touch ID (fingerprint recognition), and whether Apple’s rival launch better products which could compete with OLED iPhone.”

He is not the only one who fears that Apple’s iPhone 8 would not make it to the market in September. It is the month when Apple launches its new iPhone models.

Drexel Hamilton said in his April statement that new 3D components and a new OLED screen would cause the iPhone 8 to delayed by several weeks. Other than Hamilton, Cowen and Company also said earlier this month that iPhone 8 is facing four to six-week delay.

Remember, while these reports are indeed resembling on the iPhone 8. Apple may still announce two other iPhone models. They will be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, which may launch in September despite the delay in iPhone 8.

In Our Opinion

The KGI Securities analyst predicted accurately about the unreleased iPhone models in the past. We can take his report with just a pinch of salt, but personally, we are his fan. He always predicts correct, and it is looking the same case with this report too. Now tell us do you believe in his statement? And when do you believe Apple will release the iPhone 8? Leave us a comment.

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