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The iPhone X Is ‘Just The Beginning’; The Best Is Yet To Come – Says Jony Ive!

the iphone x


The iPhone X Is ‘Just The Beginning’; The Best Is Yet To Come – Says Jony Ive!


We can claim the iPhone X to be the most glorified phone of the year among all the latest smartphones. Its design, specs, features, everything has just left us spellbound to its perfection. Though its top display notch sometimes seems awkward, yet it has its own uniqueness from an aesthetic point-of-view. The iPhone X was announced with its companion iPhones at the September 12 launch event of Apple devices. But its release is still awaited, giving more time to the tech geeks to intensify its hype! Jony Ive now seems to add further to the iPhone X charisma. In his interview to Casa Brutus lately, he says that the iPhone X is just the beginning and a new chapter to the many designs Apple has with it!

Jony Ive Claims The iPhone X Is Just The Beginning Of The New iPhone Trails!

Sir Jonathan Paul is Apple’s chief designer, who is also the sole creator of the mesmerizing iPhone X design. In his recent interview published at a Japanese site Casa Brutus, Jony Ive tells some interesting stories behind the iPhone X design. He claims the iPhone X is just the beginning of the upcoming innovations in the models of the future iPhones.

iPhone X is just the beginning

He also says that it came as a ‘wonderful coincidence’ to have the iPhone X design ready by the event of Apple’s 10th anniversary. Although there was a lot of pressure to have it done sooner. It took him around five years to complete the design of an iPhone which is now known as the iPhone X. Jony Ive is happy to get this revamped iPhone launched at the grand event.

It Is A Matter Of Five Years For Apple To Bring The Revamped iPhone X!

Jony Ive further shares with us the story about his hard work on the new iPhone concept. He says that it took him five years to come up with such a revolutionary design that can set up a trend for the iPhones to come. Even the development of the A11 Bionic was a three-year project.


the iphone x

We can certainly speculate that, during the past five years, Apple might be saving up its efforts for this grand iPhone, meanwhile launching the same designs to keep the market running. Besides that prominent notch at the screen, the iPhone X brings with it some other astounding features too. It ditched several signature iPhone features such as the large screen bezels, the Touch ID, and the home button. Whereas, it included some other enthralling specs as well. For instance, a powerful dual vertical camera, augmented reality support, and above all, the Face ID.

In fact, considering the A11 Bionic technology, the efforts to come up with a robust hardware for the new iPhone also become evident. There have been several failures in revamping the technology to achieve the startling new features in the iPhone X finally. It shows that the new iPhone is not just the beginning for an all-new design and software. Instead, it has also set up some novel trends for the hardware to follow.

A $1000 Phone Sounds Pricey, But The Effort Worths It!

The sky-high iPhone X price has created a sort of debate among the masses. Everybody thinks that spending a $1000 on a mere phone is not wise. But those who are more concerned with the design and specs, the iPhone X comes as the best choice. Apple is offering two different models of the iPhone X, with varying prices. The 64 GB model will come with a price tag of $999. Whereas the other high-end model of 256 GB will cost $1149.

For those who are still not convinced with the price, Jony Ive’s recent interview, claiming it to be ‘just the beginning’ of the new iPhones, validates it. Of course, a device that took five long years to be devised undeniably deserves this high price.

The iPhone X Preorder Date Is Nearing

At last, after five years, we just have to wait for a few more days now to have the sensational iPhone X in hand. The iPhone X pre orders will be starting from October 27, 2017. The present trend of the sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus indicate towards a high iPhone X sales. This is because, despite bringing some remarkable specs, both of these iPhones lack the signature features limited to the iPhone X yet. The most prominent of these features include the revamped handset look, absence of home button, and the Face ID. Indeed, these changes have been the key attractions in the iPhone X. So it seems that people are waiting to get this iPhone instead of the other two. They won’t mind spending a few more bucks to grab the handset that is going to be a milestone in the history of Apple iPhones.

We are not sure what the time brings for the new iPhone X. But indeed, after a quick view of its attractive traits, we can say that it indeed is ‘just the beginning’ of the new range of iPhones for the coming years.

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