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15 Essential But Necessary iPhone Tricks And Tips For A New iPhone User

iPhone Tricks And Tips


15 Essential But Necessary iPhone Tricks And Tips For A New iPhone User


It is difficult to evoke an electronic device that has this much impact than iPhone. It directly goes without saying that the iPhone has been a game-changer in the smartphone industry. If you wish to get every ounce of productivity from this incredible tool, then it is essential to know as much as you can about the iPhone tricks and tips you can use in your daily life. So, let’s scroll down and read about its capabilities.

Some Of The Essential But Necessary iPhone Tricks And Tips For A New iPhone User

iPhone Tricks And Tips

Before moving on, here we give a quick tip which you can try right now while reading this article. Just rotate your iPhone horizontally before activating the iPhone keyboard. It will increase the keyboard size, and will make it easier to type. It is really useful if you have a very large finger or if you struggle with the small screen. This feature also saves your time. Now there will be no more frustration because of misspelled words, or errors in auto-correct.

1. No Separate GPS System

One of the significant benefits of an iPhone is that you do not need to buy a GPS system. The iPhone already has an accurate GPS system. It automatically knows your current location. So if you just set your desired destination, then you will receive clear directions, just as you would with a standard GPS system.

2. Restart Your iPhone Regularly

You have to keep restarting your phone on a regular basis. Providing a little reboot after some time will help to keep your programs, apps and other operation to run smoothly and adequately. So, how to properly do this thing? Just turn off your iPhone and leave it for 30 seconds and then start it.

3. Keep Your Password Protected

Always make sure that you have secured your device through a password. It is vital for your smartphone because, after setting a password, no can enter your phone without unlocking it. So the password makes your device as safe as possible. You can use four digits to create a password. But make sure to set a password which is not common, and which you can remember forever.

4. The Safari Tip

Apple Safari .com button


If you use Apple’s Safari browser, then try this trick in a URL. Instead of typing “.com,” you can press the “.com” button. Other than that, if you keep holding it, then it will show you different prominent extensions like .edu, .net, and .org. Isn’t it amazing?

5. Try The Educational Apps For Your Kids

If if you are a parent, then here is the most important part regarding the iPhone tricks and tips in this article. There are some fantastic educational applications for your children available on the App Store. There are a lot of exciting games to play for your children, and some of those games are for educational purpose as well. If your child needs help with science, math, or reading, then check out which apps are available for his grade and age level.

The experts of childcare do not recommend to use electronic things to entertain your kids. However, iPhone apps are useful to keep your children busy during a long drive. Some of these apps are educational, and they will help your children to learn something and get entertained simultaneously.

6. Shortcuts For Your Messages App

Do you have a message that you wish to shout-out to someone? Then you can turn on Caps Lock on your device. All you should do is press the shift key twice. When you are ready to go back to small letters, double tap the shift key, and everything will back to normal.

7. Shortcut To Scroll Up On Screen

If you want to get back on the page top, then there is no need to keep scrolling up to slowly reach your way on a long email or web page. Just tap the bar at the top with the clock, and you will instantly arrive back where you began. The simple shortcut can save you a lot of time.

8. Keep The Caps Lock On

If you want to write a document or an email in capital letters on the iPhone, then simply press the shift key twice to lock it. It is similar to how you would keep the caps lock active on any other keyboard. After activating it, you can write the documents in all capital letter without continuously tapping the shift key again and again.

9. Avoid Screen Rotation

If you are tired of your screen moving from landscape to portrait orientation at the slightest movement, then start by pressing the Home button twice to bring up an option of recently used applications. Tap the gray icon with an arrow button on the far-left; then you will get a message confirming that your phone is locked in portrait orientation.

10. Video Recording

If you are a new user of iPhone, then one of the useful iPhone tricks and tips is to learn about the built-in video recorder. It is sad that many people do not even know that their iPhone is capable of recording videos. A lot of videos on YouTube come straightaway from someone’s iPhone.

11. Mark As Unread

Do you want to mark an email for later? Tap it and select “mark as unread.” The email will appear as a new message then. It is a great way to remember rechecking the mail.

12. Turn On Sound Verification Mode

If you want to verify a sound through pressing a key, go to the keyboard then select and click ON. It is useful because the sounds tell you that your smartphone is recognizing what you are doing.

13. Enjoy Kindle Books

It is a simple one, but you can count it among the technical iPhone tricks and tips. The facility to purchase Kindle books from your iPhone’s Kindle app was a mishap in a recent Apple-Amazon battle. Don’t worry; you can still use the iPhone to buy books without using a computer. Use Safari to get to Amazon and buy your next book in a similar way that you would on your computer. Make sure to choose your iPhone in the ‘send to’ app menu!

14. Wipe Up The Notifications Instantly

We all usually get disturbed and interrupted when a notification comes. You can ignore the notifications on your screen before checking or responding them. They can be removed in-a-jiffy. Just wipe away the pop-up screen.

15. Save Your Battery

You can set your iPhone to retrieve the data less frequently. Some people have their iPhones configured to retrieve the data every minute. It drains the battery life faster than anything else. If you set your iPhone to retrieve emails or any other data every ten or twenty minutes, then it can save your battery. Hence it will make your phone more useful. There is little space for debate about the capacity of the iPhone to streamline the lives of its users.


To maximize the experience of being an iPhone owner, a little education is essential. By reading the piece above, you have got a wonderful opportunity to get yourself acquainted with all the essential iPhone tricks and tips you need to become a wise iPhone user. We really hope that you liked this article as we have tried our best to make it informative and useful for you. If you can think of someone else who should also read it to master using the iPhone, then the share button is all yours.

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