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iPhone 8 Rumors: iPhone 8 With Free Airpods Worth $206

iPhone 8 With Free Airpods Worth $206


iPhone 8 Rumors: iPhone 8 With Free Airpods Worth $206


According to the latest reports, Apple’s forthcoming device iPhone 8 might come with $206 free airpods inside the box. Analyst JP Morgan said that that iPhone 8 with free airpods worth $206 might ease the pain of iPhone 8 which cost $1000.  The Airpods are available on the Apple Store, and they currently cost around $206.

Apple Might Ease The Pain Of $1000 iPhone 8 With Free Airpods Worth $206 This September

iPhone 8 With Free Airpods Worth $206


The Airpods link up to the Apple iPhone or Apple Watch through Bluetooth. They also use sensors to detect whether they are in ears. They play and pause according to it. Interestingly, these earphones also have a pair of microphones so that user can control the music, battery life using Siri and adjust the volume, The Mirror reported.

These earphones give at least up to 5 hours of audio time on a single charge. The earphones also come with a special case that acts as a charger. In total, it provides 24 hours of audio listening time. Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus include Airpods that come with Lightning connectors instead of the wireless earphones.

Other than that, many rumors are circulating about the iPhone 8. Some speculations indicate that the iPhone 8 might also be called iPhone X or iPhone Edition. According to Digit, the iPhone 8 would hit the market, along with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus around September. Though, many rumors suggest the delay in the release because of significant hardware upgrades.

In Our Opinion

The iPhone 8 may come as stainless steel. It may also feature a display of 5.8 inches with OLED screen. It may also include L shaped battery that would make charging life 30% more. However, it would cost $1000, costliest iPhone model till date. How many of you will buy $1000 iPhone 8 if they offer $206 free airpods? Comment below.

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