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iPhone 8 Will Dominate Galaxy S8 And It Will Be More Appealing

iPhone 8 Will Dominate Galaxy S8


iPhone 8 Will Dominate Galaxy S8 And It Will Be More Appealing


The upcoming flagship smartphone by Samsung is Galaxy S8. It lacks attractive selling points, and iPhone 8 will be more appealing. It will draw more attention of the consumers, said by prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. He is claiming that the iPhone 8 will dominate Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 Will Dominate Galaxy S8: Expert Predicts

Apple iPhone 8 Will Dominate Galaxy S8


The analyst has made several accurate predictions in the past about the Apple. 9to5 Mac has obtained his latest research. His claims include that the Galaxy S8 which is expected to launch on 29th of March 2017, would not sell as much as the predecessor Galaxy S7.

He projects that Galaxy S8 shipment of 45 million unit in 2017 is lower than the approx. 52 million Galaxy S7 units shipped last year.

The Galaxy S8 was the only flagship by Samsung, apart from the tainted Galaxy Note 7 which helps the boost in sales of Galaxy S7. Now it will be tougher for Samsung to sale in this much quantity.

Moreover, Galaxy S8 lacks attractive selling points except for the full-screen design. The OLED display in forthcoming iPhone 8 will be a bigger draw for the customers, he said.

OLED display refers to the organic light emitting diode. The current iPhone models have Liquid Crystal Display – LCD. According to the experts, the OLED provides numerous advantages over LCD. It includes better power efficiencies and brighter displays.

Previously, Kuo has also claimed that upcoming iPhones front camera will come with 3D images ability for augmented reality features along with wireless charging.

On the other hand, Samsung is hoping that it can restore the trust of the customers and goodwill in the smartphone market.

On the one hand, Samsung is hoping that the customers will forget the Galaxy Note 7. On the other hand, Apple witness decline in the sales and they will hope to bolster in sales when they launch iPhone 8. So, it will be a crucial year for both Samsung and Apple.

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