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The Upcoming Smartphones Battle: The iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2

iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2


The Upcoming Smartphones Battle: The iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2


We are here to draw a comparison between Apple iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2. The Sharp is surely not the first company that will come in your mind when you think about smartphone or its manufacturers. However, they are a screen maker and surely know how to make a bezel free smartphone. In 2015, they came up with Aquos Crystal 2 and now they have announced Aquos 2 in 2017. On the other hand, the upcoming iPhone 8 by Apple is going to be a top-level smartphone. Without a doubt, the iPhone 8 is the most anticipated phone of the year.

The Upcoming Smartphones Battle: The iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2

iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2

So let’s back to our main point without wasting any of your valuable time. We will compare iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 and talk about their release date, price, features, specs, and pre-orders one by one. Remember that the details about the Sharp Aquos S2 are official. However, iPhone 8 specs and features are on the basis of rumors and leaks.

Sharp Aquos S2

Sharp, the Japanese electronics maker, had revealed the new smartphone on 8th of August 2017. The name is Aquos S2. It goes extreme in a right way with the trend of no bezels around the display. Sharp is known for its televisions over the years. Now it has been making quite major contributions in the smartphone industry as well.

Sharp Aquos S2 Release Date

The release date and pre-orders are not part of general comparisons. However, this is not only iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 comparison, but something more.

The Sharp Aquos S2 launched on 8th of August 2017. It was released in China after six days on 14th of August 2017. So, it is officially released, but not available all around the world. In our opinion, it will be available all across the globe during the month of September 2017.

Sharp Aquos S2 Pre-Orders

The pre-orders of Sharp Aquos S2 are already available. Many cellular carriers are offering it. You can pre-order it right now.

Sharp Aquos S2 Price

The Aquos S2 costs 2500 Chinese Yuan for 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM in China. The international version value is 3,300 Chinese Yuan, and it will cost $505.78 in the US for the 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM model.

The 6 GB RAM and 128 GB version costs 3800 CNY in China and $582 in the US. The shipping will be free, but there will be additional taxes for the import.

Sharp Aquos S2 Features



The display of the Sharp Aquos S2 is the talking point. The top right and left corners of the front are weirdly angled. The company says that they particularly focus most of the importance on Aquos S2 screen. Sharps keeps it bezel-free, and it is incredible. The only real bezel on the front is the bottom of the screen. There is a space for the home button on the underside. Sharp has also put fingerprint scanner and various sensors on the bottom bezel, rather than somewhere on the rear. Apart from the Home button, it resembles with the Essential Phone by Andy Rubin. The Essential Phone was the first one to promote this style, even though it is not available currently.

On the rear, the Aquos S2 has a camera that looks like the upcoming iPhone 8. It is a dual camera, and it is vertical in shape with the flash underneath them. Considering the iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2 comparison, the Sharp Aquos is surely giving a tough time to Apple.


There are two dual cameras on the back as mentioned above. One of them is 12 megapixel, and the other one is 8 megapixel (for the blurred background). If we talk about the front camera, then it is placed on the top middle of the front on a small cutout.

The aperture is excellent which gives you f/1.8. It has autofocus and dual LED (dual tone) flash. Other features include touch focus, geo-tagging, HDR, and panorama. You can shoot video at 1080p@30fps.

Sharp Aquos S2 Specs

Sharp Aquos 2

Two Models

It comes in two different models. One of them is Standard Edition, mainly the primary edition. The other one is High Edition which is a premium model.


The display size is 5.5 inches, but bezel-less display makes it iPhone 7 Plus display in the size of iPhone 7. The resolution is 2040 x 1080, and the screen-to-body ratio is 84.95 percent. The screen-to-body ratio is the highest among all other smartphones available in the market.


As far as the processor is concerned, it is powered by Snapdragon 630 by Qualcomm for 64 GB storage handsets. The 128 GB space model has a processor of Snapdragon 660. The chipset is manufactured on the 14nm process, and it has eight Cortex-A53 cores. It has the GPU of Adreno 508 and X12 LTE modem.

Other Specs

It comes with two storage options and two different sized RAM. The RAM of 4 GB version comes with 64 GB. The 128 GB model comes with 6 GB RAM. If users wish to have more space, then Micro SD card slot option is also there for them. The operating system is running Android Nougat 7.1.1. The battery is non-removable 3020 mAh. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 and USB-C 3.1. It also has the feature of Quick Charge (fast battery charging) 3.0.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

the iPhone 8

Again, this is not the iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 comparison thing, but still, people wish to know more. Apple will hold a launch event on 12th of September 2017, at the Steve Jobs Theater. The press invitation took place on 31st of August. It remains clear that everything is unclear. Despite many iPhone 8 rumors and leaks, nothing is official yet.

However, the release date is still not confirmed, and we will only hear the official release date of iPhone 8 on the launch date.

Despite the early launch event, some analyst and reports suggest that it would not be available before the fourth quarter to buy. If it gets available, then it will be in limited quantities only.

A report by Digitimes says that the iPhone 8 mass production is on schedule and the smartphone will release in October.

Apple iPhone 8 Pre Orders

We can only talk about the iPhone 8 pre orders after the launch date. The pre-orders will start hopefully after the launch event. The shipment will take some time, and you may receive it at the end of October 2017.

Apple iPhone 8 Price

In the comparison of iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2, Apple seems to launch a more expensive product. The iPhone 8 will be priced around $999 to $1199 in the US. According to New York Times, the iPhone 8 will start at roughly $1000. The report squares with previous predictions from Fast Company, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, who have indicated that the iPhone 8 could cost around $1200 in the US (roughly AU$1,450 or £950). The other two models, primary iPhone 7S and premium iPhone 7S Plus will retain the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus prices.

There will be three storage options on the iPhone 8 according to Benjamin Geskin’s tweet on September 4, 2017. The options are 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB, they will cost $999, $1099, and $1199 respectively.

The price table is listed below as per the prediction by prominent leaker Benjamin Geskin:

iPhone 864 GB$999
iPhone 8256 GB$1099
iPhone 8512 GB$1199

Without any doubt, the increase in price is too high. Last year’s iPhone 7 of 32 GB price starts at $649 and top ups with 256 GB at $969.


Apple iPhone 8 Features

iPhone 8 by benjamin geskin

There are so many features we will witness on the upcoming iPhone 8. However, we will only talk about the enhanced features and new ones that will debut on the new iPhone.

Face ID

The Sharp Aquos does not have this feature. So Apple won the iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 comparison directly in terms of more features. The recently leaked Home Pod firmware suggests the references about the facial recognition and expression detection that will be used to unlock the iPhone 8. The Face ID will not only be used for unlocking the device. The firmware code indicates that it will authenticate the Apple Pay as well. It will be available for third party apps as well. It will serve to mute the notifications and alerts as well if the user is already using the mobile.

Augmented Reality And VR

During the WWDC 2017, Apple debuted ARKit. It exhibits how developers can execute AR (Augmented Reality) abilities into iPhones and iPads. The analysis of Loup Ventures rumored that a company named Finisar might be offering lasers for AR depth mapping on the iPhone 8.

Wireless Charging

Apple has been providing wireless inductive charging on the Apple Watch for a while now. We hear predictions that wireless charging will feature on the iPhone 8.

One strong clue came from the Apple manufacturer Wistron’s CEO, who said that new features like wireless charging and waterproof would appear in the iPhone 8 handsets. The SlashLeaks has posted the ‘Charging Coil’ that will be used to provide this feature.

One of the manufacturing firms, Foxconn assembles iPhones for Apple. It has been testing wireless charging modules reportedly that will include in all or some iPhones of 2017.

Bloomberg figures out that Apple is working on long range wireless charging feature, potential with a range of almost 1 meter.

Fast Charging

Forbes cites Sonny Dickson; the iPhone 8 could be the first iPhone model to feature fast charging technology. More particularly, Forbes claims that a new ‘Tristar 3, Hydra’ chip will manage the charging port.

However, as per the latest news, it is worth noting that the technology may be compatible with the standard charging speed. The technology is not produced by the Qualcomm, which makes ‘Quick Charge’ for Android devices.


We do not think that iPhone 8 will come with the compatibility of Apple Pencil. Even though it is something that Apple has been considering from a couple of years. Another accessory we do think will come with the iPhone 8 is the pair of Air Pods.

We will be amazed if Apple comes back with the headphone port. It will be a significant acceptance of defeat for Apple.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs

iPhone 8 colors

We said early in this iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 comparison that everything is on the basis of predictions and iPhone 8 rumors. However, we are getting a decent idea of the iPhone 8 technical specs. Let’s talk about them.

OLED Screen

The iPhone 8 will feature OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display supplied by Samsung. It is going to be the first ever iPhone to have this tech. Currently, Apple uses LCD screens, but it intends to shift the line up to OLED as it would provide better color saturation, brightness, and accuracy.

However, the industry sources are claiming that only iPhone 8 will get the OLED display. The iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S will retain the conventional LCD. The iPhone models of 2018 will all get OLED screens.

Screen size

Mac Rumors reported about Barclays Research in November 2016. The research found out that Apple will release 5.0 inches and 5.8 inches of iPhone 8 models compared to the 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

In January 2017, DigiTimes backed up this theory by saying that Apple will launch a 5.8 inches iPhone in the third or fourth quarter of 2017. It cited unknown sources in the Taiwanese supply chain.

Later Nikkei forecasted that there would be three iPhones in two different configurations. Two models will feature the conventional LCD, and the iPhone 8 will have OLED screen.

To be fair, we cannot say anything right now because larger screens will fit into bodies with the similar or same dimensions as the current generations of smartphones, thanks to a bezel free design.

Screen resolution

Screenshot Of iPhone 8

A Wall Street Journal report prophesies that Apple has giant things up in its sleeve for the upcoming iPhone’s screen, after turning out devices with lower resolutions than competitors for some years.

If you compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 for instance, you will see that Apple has only a 760 x 1334 resolution on its 4.7 inches screen, in comparison to the 1440 x 2560 of 5.1 inches screen that Samsung had to offer.

The iPhone will not sit in Samsung’s shadow anymore, as per WSJ. It says that Apple has asked suppliers to submit prototype screens with enhanced resolutions than ones from Samsung. If it is accurate and if the providers can match Apple’s requirements without pushing up the price, dimension or weight, or reducing fire safety or battery, to the point that Apple finds unacceptable. Then it will imply more than a tripling of the pixel count from one iPhone model to the next.

In February 2017, prominent analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted that iPhone 8 would have a resolution of 2436 x 1125 and pixel density of 521 ppi, far more higher than the iPhone 7’s 326 ppi. The 5.8 or 5.0 inches version of the iPhone 8 will probably have a resolution of 2800 x 1242 and 528 ppi.


If we talk about the processor, then Apple is clearly a winner of iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 without a second thought. The iPhones have proprietary processor chips that you will not find in other smartphones. There is an A10 Fusion Chip in the iPhone 7 and A9 Fusion Chip in the iPhone 6S, for example. So it does not take a genius to think the iPhone 8 will get A11 Fusion Chip.

The A Fusion chips are made to Apple’s own specifications and design. Several other manufacturing companies are also involved. TSMC and Samsung manufacture them at present; they contain technology licensed from ARM.

Intel has announced its intention of expanding the smartphone business. And it is the hot favorite to displace TSMC from the iPhone contract, as per the report by Nikkei Asian Review.

The Economic Daily News still has the gig. It started the A11 production in April 2017. The site has a slight detail of the A11 design.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

The iPhone 7 has 2 GB RAM, while the iPhone 7 Plus has 3 GB. A research firm Trend Force published a report in February 2017 predicting that the upcoming iPhone 8 will have 3 GB of RAM.


The iPhone 8 will come with three different storage options. They are 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Many reports are predicting that Apple may ditch the 32 GB option. The iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S, and iPhone 8 will have 64 GB and 256 GB of storages. However, iPhone 8 will also have a massive storage of 512 GB additionally. If we take a closer look at the iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2 comparison, the iPhone 8 surely offers more storage options.

When the first-gen of iPhone was launched, it came with a maximum storage of 8 GB. The 16 GB option was added later.


iPhone 8 camera

When it comes to camera specs in the battle of iPhone 8 Versus Sharp Aquos S2, then Apple surely seems to have an edge. The far-reaching and notorious Home Pod firmware leak at the end of July this year contained various hints about the iPhone 8. A Portuguese-language site iHelp BR spotted a clue that hints towards iPhone 8’s 4K video at 60 fps on both back and front cameras. It will be a significant step forward.

The iPhone 7 series do offer 4K video shoot, but this is capped at 30 fps only. You can shoot at 60 fps at a resolution of 1080p but from the rear camera only.

The firmware code also indicates that back and front cameras will support slow-motion video at 1080p and 240 fps.

A report by MIC suggests that all models of the upcoming iPhone will have dual lens camera that is currently only available on the iPhone 7 Plus. Unverified schematics posted on Slash Leaks; they suggest that cameras will be aligned vertically. They will have two lenses stacked on top of one another. Not like in the horizontal shape of the iPhone 7 Plus.


The Sharp may win this iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 battery comparison because it has 3020 mAh battery. The KGI Security analyst Ming Chi Kuo says that iPhone 8 will have a battery of 2700 mAh. There is also a chance that iPhone 8 can feature two batteries. The alleged schematics for the upcoming iPhone, posted on Slash Leaks, shows that the main board is smaller and there are two batteries rather than just one.

The smartphone battery life is one thing which everyone takes it seriously. So we must wonder how much of a sacrifice the average Apple enthusiast would be willing to make in return.

Summing It Up

That’s it! We hope you must have a good idea about both of these smartphones. There are iPhone 8 comparisons where we cannot decide the winner. However, this iPhone 8 versus Sharp Aquos S2 is clearly won by Apple’s iPhone 8. However, the Sharp Aquos is not bad at all. It is equipped with decent specs, provided the price that it comes at.

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