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The 5 Things Apple Can Do With iPhone 8 To Beat Galaxy S8

iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8


The 5 Things Apple Can Do With iPhone 8 To Beat Galaxy S8


It goes without saying that Galaxy S8 is the best smartphone in the market right now, but wait. The year is not over until Cupertino-based tech giant releases its next iPhone. It would probably call it iPhone 8. In our article, we will tell you about 5 things Apple can do with iPhone 8 to beat Galaxy S8 and dethrone it.

If Apple Adopt All These Five Things Than iPhone 8 To Beat Galaxy S8 For Sure

iPhone 8 To Beat Galaxy S8

To be honest, if there was not already pressure on Apple to provide something incredible with iPhone 8 on their 10th anniversary, then there surely is now. To take back the crown from Samsung, Apple must understand what they have done with it and why they are getting a great response from everywhere.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are pretty remarkable because of its stunning screen and yes, a speedy processor. The uniqueness of Galaxy S8 makes it look better and different from other smartphones. These Galaxy S8 variants indeed give Apple a run for its money.  On a serious note, it makes the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus look pretty stale.

There is still a lot of time to release the next iPhone. The iPhone line-up for this year will consist of general ‘S’ models, which are iPhone 7s and iPhone 7S Plus, along with iPhone 8. All eyes will be on iPhone 8 as ‘S’ will only get minor updates according to a report. The iPhone 8 features include an edge to edge design, OLED display, and it may remove the physical home button as well. But just because it might look like Galaxy S8 does not mean that it will be better. Now here is how they can take back the crown of the best smartphone from Galaxy S8.


Killer Camera

It was little surprising to observers that Samsung did not upgrade Galaxy S8 camera. Their camera had always been on par with the iPhone. Now, the iPhone 7 Plus has already better camera than Galaxy S8 with sublime Portrait Mode and 2X optical zoom.  However, the upcoming iPhone 8 can distinguish itself from the Galaxy S8 by taking it even further. Apple can add optical image stabilization to the second lens along with megapixel bump. It will go a long way towards increasing image and zoom quality. The essential things that will set it apart from S8 would be a great ISO range and a sharper sensor to make it a low-light leader.


Samsung is going all-in on VR – Virtual Reality with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Gear, rumors says that Apple is interested in AR – Augmented Reality. If Apple wants iPhone 8 to beat Galaxy S8, then it could be the feature that sets the iPhone 8 apart from everyone. Smartphone companies have been slow in integrating AR into the interface, but Pokémon Go taught us that everyone is more interested in seeing the world through their screen than fastening a headset to their faces. iPhone 8 with AR could connect us to the world in new ways without separating us from reality. So, the VR is a big part of Galaxy S8, but the AR could be the iPhone 8’s big play.

Well-Placed Fingerprint Sensor

The Galaxy S8 is one of the top-notch smartphones ever made. One terrible flaw prevented it from being the perfect Android phone. We are talking about the weird placement of the fingerprint scanner. For some unknown reasons, Samsung put it right next to the back camera. Your finger will mostly miss it and repeatedly smudge the camera lens.

According to the news, Apple will remove the home button. It has two options for fingerprint scanner: place it on the back or under the screen. It would be great if Apple puts it on the front. If it put on the back, then Apple needs to learn from Samsung’s mistake and set it lower, like on the Google Pixel.

Expanded Siri

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8, a significant part was spent introducing the new AI assistant, Bixby. Though, the new AI Bixby was not just a competitor to Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Samsung incorporated it deep into the interface to let it fetch information, access apps, and cut down on how often we require to touch our phones. It is a splendid idea, but the problem is that it does not work. Now, Apple has a chance to do something similar with Siri. It can expand its reach to function inside applications while using. iPhone 8 to beat Galaxy S8 if it really happens. It can hit Bixby at its own game.

Wireless Charging

Samsung has had wireless charging since the Galaxy S6. Apple has been slow to adopt it. Apple wants to top the Samsung Galaxy S8 and not just keep pace. It is going to require something a bit more exciting than a charging pad. One of the news suggests that Apple could adopt real long-range wireless charging for the next iPhone. That alone would be a Galaxy S8 killer.

In Our Opinion

So, these were the 5 things Apple can do with iPhone 8 to beat Galaxy S8. We are not sure whether Apple can achieve all of them or not. However, the design and one or two new features will play an important role. So we have to wait to watch what Apple has in its store. Now tell us what you think about these functions? Comment us below and must visit our Facebook Page and Twitter feed to know more about the upcoming iPhone 8.

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