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The iPhone 8, Along With Three New Devices, Releasing On 12th September!

apple september event

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The iPhone 8, Along With Three New Devices, Releasing On 12th September!


Finally Apple’s big day is confirmed. What’s more exciting is that the the launch will display iPhone 8 along with three new devices. We, the fans just can’t wait for the big day.

Since the announcement we have been waiting for the day when iPhone 8 will finally be released. According to widespread rumors, it was supposed to launch in this year’s September. Recently, the Wall Street journal has finally published a report which has ultimately set in stone the date of 12th September. It will be the day when the world will be introduced to Apple’s latest flagship, iPhone 8. It is undoubtedly this year’s highly anticipated product!

The Venue of The Launch of iPhone 8 Along With Three New Devices

apple september event to launch three new devices

Right now were are still waiting for the company to send official press invitations out. As I have said earlier, there have been many rumors pointing towards the September launch. Now, after this concrete report by Wall Street Journal, we are certain about Apple’s September release. But there is more to know. The Wall Street Journal’s report also mentions that Apple is currently vying to hold the launch event at its all new Steve Jobs theater located at Apple Park. The recent footage of the site shows that it is currently under construction. But it is progressing quickly. However, there are strong indications that Apple’s huge 120,000 square-foot underground auditorium is currently not ready. Probably it won’t be able to hold the spectators on the big day. Thus, Apple needs to have a backup plan.

Other Options For The Venue

Apple has other options as well. As it could always hold the grand event at either it’s own “Town Hall” auditorium which is located at Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop campus. Or at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium located in San Francisco. Why has Apple selected these two places? Because they have previously hosted the big launch events of Apple’s major products. But as far as I think, the place which the company decides to hold the event does not really matter. Because we all know that it is going to be a massive event, regardless of the place.

What Makes iPhone 8 So Unique?

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

As I have said earlier, Apple plans on launching three new devices on 12th September alongside its flagship handset. But we all know that Apple’s star of the show is the iPhone 8. What is it about the iPhone 8 which makes it so unique compared to other phones? To answer that, head down straight to the features that will be introduced in the iPhone 8.

Apple’s Celebratory Unit

The iPhone 8 won’t be an ordinary handset, as it is coming out on Apple’s 10th anniversary. As it is the Apple’s celebratory unit, that’s why Apple has planned to make iPhone 8 entirely different from the previous iPhones. That’s why it is the most notable product as compared to the other three new devices by Apple.

The iPhone 8 will come with an entirely revamped design. It will be the first time ever that Apple will be introducing an edge to edge OLED display. Why has Apple brought in this change? Because the iPhones were infamous for having huge bezels with small displays. Therefore, the iPhone 8 will be something entirely new for Apple fans.

All New Display

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

Apple, for the first time, will be placing OLED displays in its premium handset. The screen will be 5.8 inches. The iPhone 8 will have a full display, unlike the iPhone Plus variants, which were huge in size but only had a display screen of 5.5 inches. It was even difficult to hold and use the handset with one hand. This time, Apple is rectifying its mistake. It is eliminating those thick bezels from the sides as well as from the top and the bottom.

The iPhone 8 will have a whole glass display with no button at the screen. It means that Apple is ditching the physical home button from the iPhone 8. With no physical button, there is no place to fit in the Touch ID sensor. Hence with a heavy heart, Apple has eliminated both the home button and the Touch ID feature from the iPhone 8 all together.

Facial Recognition

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

Apple hasn’t only reduced its traditional features. It has added some new ones as well. Facial recognition seems to be one of it. Why has Apple introduced facial recognition in the iPhone 8? Because it is a suitable replacement for the Touch ID sensor feature.

This feature was recently introduced in Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S8, but it was declared as flawed. Anyone could unlock the handset just by placing a picture of the person whose facial features are saved in the phone. Hence making the phone vulnerable to fraudulent access.

Apple, on the other hand, is making its facial recognition system flawless, by featuring two iris scanners. The iPhone 8 design leaks show that the device has a top notch cut out area that has 3 sensors. Two on left and one on the right, separated by the speaker grill. On the left, there is one iris scanner and one sensor, on the right there is the front camera. Along with that, there is another iris scanner which is a bit bigger in size.

What’s the secret behind these 2 iris scanners? Apple noticed that Samsung failed in its facial recognition feature. Therefore, Apple has placed 2 iris scanners which can scan your face in 3D. It means that the phone could even differentiate between two identical twins. The scanning system is said to be so sharp, that it could scan your face and unlock your phone even when the device is lying on a flat surface. The facial recognition feature will be used for security and Apple pay. Thus, making it the perfect replacement for the Touch ID feature.


iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

Every smartphone is incomplete with a sharp camera. And Apple is already pretty famous for having an extraordinary camera that is only getting better with Apple’s flagship. The iPhone 8 is featuring a powerful dual rear camera which will be 3D laser assisted, capturing the true essence of what you see with your very eye. Apple has also introduced “SmartCam.” The smartcam will be able to take exceptional pictures in all conditions. It does not matter that whether you are under the sun, in a night club or even under fireworks, the smartcam will automatically sense the condition of the environment and will adjust accordingly, making your pictures remarkably beautiful.

Apple has also changed the camera position of its rear dual camera. Previously Apple introduced the dual rear camera in the iPhone 7 Plus, which was placed horizontally. But now, in the iPhone 8, the rear dual camera is set vertically. It is because iPhone 8 will be the first handset that will introduce Augmented Reality technology. It is no secret that Apple since years have been working on augmented reality and finally the iPhone 8 will make way for this technology. The vertically set dual cameras will assist apps based on AR, because, while using such apps, you usually hold the phone in a landscape position. Hence, the vertical position of the dual camera will benefit augmented reality technology. This is a huge step into a whole new era of technology.

The Gesture System

Another of Apple’s high-end features is the gesture system that will be introduced in the iPhone 8. Through the iPhone 8 designs leaks we know that the device will include a notch area where two iris scanners will be placed, apart from facial recognition, these sensors will also be responsible for the gesture system as well. It is rumored that you can even silent your phone just by looking at it in a particular manner. You can silence ringtones, notifications, and other tones as well just by glancing at the device. This feature is known by the HomePod firmware, which Apple uploaded, but it stayed long enough for coders to break into the code of the HomePod and unearth such hidden features. The SmartCam feature was also unearthed through the HomePod code.

Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices


There is another feature that has been in the air for a long time, and gives iPhone 8 an edge over the other three new devices. It is, the Wireless Charging. Since the very beginning, it was rumored that the iPhone 8 would have wireless charging capabilities. Now it is confirmed because the launch date has been announced, and we have accurate reports relating to this feature. What further confirms the featuring of wireless charging capability in the iPhone 8 is its design. We already know that Apple has ditched the aluminum casing and has gone with a complete glass panel for the front and the back as well.

The glass panel for the back will support the wireless charging feature. It is reported that Apple is also manufacturing wireless charging accessories, including the charging pad. This accessory will be sold separately and will not be included in the box of iPhone 8. Hence, further confirming the wireless charging feature.

iOS 11

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

Apple’s premium handset iPhone 8 will operate on the new iOS 11. The latest iOS will feature stunning features, and one of its primary features is the Augmented Siri. Previously, while using Siri, you would have to ask her about things and places. But now, you just need to open up your camera and point it towards any object. Siri will automatically tell you about it. You can do the same while you are traveling. All you need is to point the camera at any historical landmark you see, and Siri will tell you its significance and history. Keep in mind that this is just one of the many new features of the iOS 11 which may also be accompanying the other three new devices.

Apple A11 – All New and Powerful Processor

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

Up till now, we have discussed the design and features of the iPhone 8. Now let us peek at the hardware of iPhone 8. The A11 CPU will revulsive the working capabilities of the new iPhone 8.  A CPU manufacturing company named TSMC is working continuously, and as a result, they have produced 10-nanometer technology. This new chip won’t only be fast. It will also stay cool while being energy efficient. Heading towards figures, it was noted that 4537 points in single-core mode and 8975 points in multi-core, which is a whole new record for mobile CPU processors.

All in all, the iPhone 8 is definitely going to be huge. All the above features housed in one cell phone make the iPhone 8 come with a hefty price tag of above $1000. Rest assured, it as safe to say that iPhone 8 will be massive, because it is the most anticipated Apple device than the other three new devices of the year.

The Other Three New Devices Launching Along With iPhone 8

The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

Among the other three new devices, the launching of two iPhone models alongside iPhone 8 tops up the position. The iPhone 8 won’t just have extraordinary features. It will have an entirely new design as well. While the new model will appeal to many of Apple fans, some might feel that spending $1000+ cash on a cell phone that has a new design with unknown capabilities might just not feel right. Therefore, Apple has decided to launch two other iPhone models. They are the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S plus.

Why is Apple launching two models that are seemingly less than the iPhone 8? Because people like to stick with that they know and what they’ve used. The iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus come with the traditional design that has been there in the iPhone family. The classic design is much favored by the Apple fans, which is why Apple is keeping it. Although the design might be old, but if you peek under the hood, you will definitely see major upgrades. The iPhone 7S and the 7SPlus will have the latest hardware that will be housed inside the iPhone 8.

The 7S will have a design size of 4.7 inches of standard LCD/LED screen, along with upgraded camera technology, the new A11 CPU and also wireless charging capabilities. That is not all. The iPhones 7S and 7S Plus will also feature the True Tone ‘True Color’ display technology. Definitely a smart move by Apple, introducing new features in the classical design. The best of all, the iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus will have a cheaper price tag than the iPhone 8, hence making them wallet friendly as well.

Apple Watch Series 3

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

The iPhone 8 isn’t the only show stopper that has got people talking. There will be thre new devices as well, of which, Apple’s new watch has also been a heated topic for months. The recent Apple Watch is rumored to have a new design along with many new features as well. It will also include far advanced diagnostic health applications. Moving towards the design, it was thought that the Apple Watch would have an all new ‘modular design’. But, according to recent leaks and rumors, the Apple watch which is now famously referred to as ‘Apple Watch Series 3’ will carry out a familiar design which was originally thought, hence eliminating the rumor of a new form factor.

Right now, we really don’t know what the Apple Watch Series 3 will have for us, because Apple has kept a tight lid on this device. It will be unveiled on the day of the launch alongside three new devices by Apple, but that didn’t stop us from getting any of the secret information out. According to various leaks and speculations, the Apple Watch Series 3’s most prominent and impressive selling point will definitely be its inclusion of the LTE wireless connectivity. It will, for the very first time, allow the users to operate the watch independently of an iPhone. That is all we know about the new watch that Apple will debut on 12th September. But we are certain that the new watch will have tons of other features as well. To know about them we have to wait until the big day.

4K Apple TV

iPhone 8 along with 3 new devices

Smartphones aren’t the only devices that are getting upgrades. Technology is everyday household products are enhancing their performance, and one of such household device is the television, which is almost found in every home. Televisions have a long history of evolution. They started off as large, heavy and thick units, and kept on getting thinner with the passage of time. Today we have LED televisions that provide 4K resolution. And because of that, Apple has dropped the TV set top box. It was released the last year 2015 in October. According to stats, it was highly appreciated by the Apple fans, because the 4K television is the current trend, and Apple is feeding the people with what they need. Hence fulfilling the demands of the consumers. So, the last of the other three new devices that will be launched along with iPhone 8 is the 4K Apple TV.

HomePod Leak

From the starting of this year, there were rumors about the three new devices by Apple that will be launched alongside the iPhone 8. However, the details were only disclosed a few months back. How did it happen? Thanks to the notorious HomePod incident that happened recently. It can reasonably be said that the HomePod leak is the biggest leaks Apple has ever seen. Because of the leak, we know a great more deal about the iPhone, and as well as the new iOS 11. Also, the hidden features like the SmartCam were unearthed because of the HomePod’s firmware.

The Apple 4K TV was also discovered because of the HomePod’s code. One the other main hint that points to the release of the Apple 4K TV is that, earlier this year, at the Apple’s WWDC 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience that his company would have a lot more to say about the Apple TV and the tvOS 11 later on this year. Therefore, making it clear that we will be seeing this device alongside the iPhone 8. Let’s hope that our speculations come true and the big day goes according to what we’ve hoped!

Wrapping It Up

So above you have all bits of information about the iPhone 8 that will be launching on 12 September, now confirmed by Apple itself. The other three new devices that will be launching alongside the iPhone 8 will be noteworthy as well. But, we can assure you that the iPhone 8 will be the start of the show, as all eyes will be on it.

An all new device with a completely revamped design having extraordinary features and specifications will be just the right unit for Apple’s 10th anniversary. Let’s hope that the iPhone 8 comes up to all the expectations that Apple fans have. The other three new devices that Apple is launching might as well take the launch to a whole other level. Tell us what you think about the launch, about the iPhone 8 and about the other devices that will be launching on 12th September.

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