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Apple iPhone 8 Rumors


Many iPhone 8 rumors are circulating on the internet about the release of iPhone 8. Mostly all the top sites publishing news that the upcoming model by Apple in 2017 will be called iPhone 8. You might probably think that sequence wise it should be iPhone 7s instead of iPhone 8. Okay, let us sort out your confusion regarding this matter. So, the news is that Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone ever in June 2007 and Apple is celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2017. It is early to predict anything, but there are strong rumors already in the market about iPhone 8.

Update: Apple will release three different iPhone models in 2017. One of them is going to be iPhone 8. The other two models are smaller iPhone 7S and premium iPhone 7S Plus.

All iPhone 8 Rumors Round-Up On One Place

iPhone 8 Rumors

Let’s take a look at the few rumors of iPhone 8 roaming around the internet, few of them are described below.

Release Date

The iPhone 8 release date is expected to be the second week of September in 2017. To be more specific, it could be 9th of September.


The price of the primary model iPhone 8 would be around $750, and the premium model iPhone 8 Plus will cost you around $850. These prices are for 32 GB storage only. The 128 GB and 256 GB will cost you additional $100 and $200 respectively.

Update: Apple will release only one model iPhone 8, and it may cost around $1000 to $1200. The iPhone 7S will cost around $700 to $750, and the iPhone 7S Plus will cost you $800 to $850.

Three iPhone Variants

According to an interesting rumor, Apple could release three variants of iPhone 8 in 2017. The KGI securities firm analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed it through his research note.

He believes that there will be three iPhone models. The basic model will be of 4.7 inches with LCD and single lens rear camera. There will be two premium models, one will be 5.5 inches with LCD with the dual lens rear camera, and the second with 5.5 inches screen, dual lens rear camera but all-new OLED display.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging Photo

The long awaited concept is going to be a reality soon. Soon means the in the third quarter of 2017. Wireless charging is an old idea, but Apple is making it the reality on its 10th anniversary.

Bezel-Less Design

We could witness a significant design change in forthcoming iPhone 8. Apple came with almost same design in iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. A change in design is expected, and according to the rumors of iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 screen will be bezel-less, and the body will be made of edge-to-edge design. There is one more news in lots of iPhone 8 rumors that the display size of the iPhone 8 model would be 5.0 inches.


A whole new technology which people are not aware. LiFi is an internet technology which is faster 100 times than a conventional WiFi router. LiFi technology uses Visible Light Communication (VLC), unlike Wifi connection which uses radio waves. Is not it fascinating and spellbinding?

Update: Unfortunately, the Li-Fi technology is still in the developing process. Hopefully, Apple will feature it in the upcoming years. 


Built-in Mini Projector

One of the new technology, we are hearing that the competitors of Apple are also coming with this technology and we can expect from Apple that they will add built-in mini projector in forthcoming iPhone 8 on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

Update: We heard that Galaxy S8 will come up with this technology, later we heard that iPhone 8 will also come up with it. Now, as per the latest rumors, Apple is not featuring any built-in mini projector.

Built-In E-SIM

Apple is in talks with Global System For Mobile (GSM) to execute the new concept of E-SIM. The E-SIM will replace the custom Subscriber Identity Module (SIM).  Not only Apple but other smartphone makers are also in talks with GSM. We are not sure about whether this technology will take place in upcoming iPhone 8 or not.

Update: GSM still working on this technology. So it goes without saying that Apple cannot develop or feature this technology on its own.

Virtual Buttons

It is in the list of iPhone 8 rumors, but the chances of adopting it are not very high. We talked above about a long-awaited change in the iPhone 8 design. These light sensors and virtual buttons are part of that change. Apple could add the virtual buttons on the sides of iPhone 8, and these buttons are for the better control of camera application.


The hopes are getting higher and higher because this time the iPhone 8 rumors are incredible and most of the time in past they are 80 to 90 percent correct.  Now we hear the battery of iPhone 8, for the very first time, Apple will feature a non-removable Li-lon battery of 3000 mAh or more in iPhone 8.


iphone 8 Color image

The colors of iPhone 8 may remain same. According to iPhone 8 rumors circulating in the market, Apple could add or make some high-gloss finish color like Jet Black. The other as it is colors of iPhone 8 will be Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Black.


According to iPhone 8 rumors, Apple is going to increase their Random Access Memory (RAM) in iPhone 8. The primary model iPhone 8 will have 4 GB of RAM and premium model iPhone 8 Plus will have 5 GB of RAM. Previously, Apple used a maximum of 3 GB in any of its iPhone models.

Update: The iPhone 8 will have 3 GB of RAM. Apple came up with 3 GB of RAM in 2017, and it will stick with it. There is no news or rumors about 4 GB of RAM in iPhone 8. 

Rumors Of iPhone 8

Release Date9th September 2017
PriceThe iPhone 8 – $1000-$1200
The iPhone 8 Plus – $850
DesignEdge to edge design and bezel-less, screen 5.0
iPhone 8 Plus, Screen 5.8
Wireless ChargingYes
ColorsJet Black, Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold
BatteryNon-removable Li-lion battery
iPhone 8 – 3000 or more mAh
Talk time 24 hours
Stand by up to 384 hours
Operating SystemiOS 11
Graphics ChipSix Graphics Core
ProcessorA11 Fusion Chip 10-nanometer
CameraDual Lens – 14 MP
Front- 7 MP
Home ButtonA significant change is expected
Light Sensors and Virtual ButtonsYes
Reversible USB ChargerYes
Wireless Air PodsYes
Built-In E-SIMNo
Built-in Mini ProjectorNo
Water ResistantYes
Storage Options32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
SensorsGyro, Fingerprint, Proximity, Compass, Barometer and Accelerometer
Micro SD Card SlotNo


So, these are some rumors of iPhone 8. We cannot say much about the chances of being correct or incorrect. However, few rumors such as bezel-less design, bigger screen, long battery life, wireless charging, built-in mini projector have got some high chances of being a reality. On the hand, iPhone 8 rumors like integrated E-SIM, LiFi, and bigger RAM have got much fewer opportunities. The release date would be in September 2017, and the price will be around $1000 to $1200 for iPhone 8. We Apple enthusiasts need to wait and watch what Apple can show up with on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. Now, according to you which rumor is going to be accurate and which one will prove inaccurate, must leave us a comment.

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