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Apple iPhone 8 Release Delayed By Design, Report Claims

iPhone 8 Release Delayed

Release Date

Apple iPhone 8 Release Delayed By Design, Report Claims


A report confirms that Apple plans to introduce three iPhones, one of them is iPhone 8 with a new display. It will be more advanced, and some significant changes are confirmed in the design. There are some intriguing insights revealed in Bloomberg’s latest report. It is matching the other available rumors around the internet. Including news that the iPhone 8 will not be available until November because iPhone 8 release delayed by design.

Sad News For Apple Fans: iPhone 8 Release Delayed By Design And It Would Not Release Before November

iPhone 8 Release Delayed

The report also claims:

  • The iPhone 8 will host an OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode and the display will be bezel-free.
  • Samsung will make the initial stocks of these displays, report claims.
  • The other two models could be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. It will use LCD displays, and screen size will be 4.7 inches screen and 5.5 inches screen respectively.
  • The front of the iPhone 8 will cover the entire front of the display.
  • The home button will be digital like Galaxy S8, integrated into the display.
  • The Touch ID may also be incorporated on the screen, or even accommodated on the back of the device.

However, the decisions are not final yet as suggested by the report. It includes three iPhone models and new design. There are multiple prototypes which are being tested. Some of the mock-ups have curved glass and stainless steel shapes too. Apple has been struggled to produce curved glass in required quantity.



The Touch ID may be incorporated in the display, or even housed on the back of the device. It is not easy to know the depth of interest within the echo chamber, but people do not seem to keen on this thought.


Apple will keep its focus on camera technologies in the upcoming iPhone 8. The report apparently confirms the latest claims that it will introduce a vertical shape dual-lens camera. The report suggests that Apple intends wielding a dual-lens front-facing camera.

How much?

The one major thing we do not know is how much Apple iPhone 8 will cost? Will it hit the market with $1000 or it will stay under the price of $1000?

Design: Apple iPhone 8 Versus Samsung Galaxy S8

Before the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the rumors were circulating that Samsung will follow the steps of Apple by introducing a dual-lens rear camera and probably remove the 3.5 headphone jack. However, Galaxy S8 did not copy anything but surprisingly come up with upgraded specs, amazing features, and beautiful design.

Now, after seeing the great response from all over the world for this wonderful design, Apple might copy Samsung now. They can come up with infinity display where there will be no physical home button, thin bezels, AMOLED display, and dual-edge curved like Samsung Galaxy S8.

Design: Apple iPhone 8 Versus Everyone

It goes without saying that Galaxy S8 has the best design if we compare it with other top smartphone companies flagships. However, Apple can beat Apple through its better specs and features, but Apple has to do a lot of work on its design. The other companies like Google, Huawei, One Plus, and Nokia have almost similar designs. So the competition for Apple is only Samsung.

In Our Opinion

It will mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone manufacturing. So, it is a big year for them and maybe that is why iPhone 8 release delayed, must keep in mind that Apple has not changed its design since last three years. A new and beautiful design is inevitable now. Not only because it’s the 10th anniversary, but people would not upgrade their smartphones for one or two features. Apple needs to come with a better design. We hope that you like our article, now tell us in the comment box about your views on iPhone 8 design? How would it look or how you want it to be looked.

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