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Rumors: iPhone 8 Mistakes That Apple Should Avoid In 2017

iPhone 8 Mistakes That Apple Should Avoid


Rumors: iPhone 8 Mistakes That Apple Should Avoid In 2017


The rumors about the next iPhone are in full swing. Apple is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary when they will launch iPhone 8 later this year. However, the fight is tougher this time compare to previous years because Samsung has launched the Galaxy S8 which is getting a great response from everywhere. So not only Apple has to deliver better than Galaxy S8, but they have to avoid the major iPhone 8 mistakes that could happen as the rumors are indicating. For instance, fans of the brand always expect a refreshed line of devices every year in the month of September. Though, a new iPhone 8 rumor indicating that the special edition will delay by at least two months. If it occurs then, it would be a big mistake from the Apple. So, let’s start with iPhone 8 rumors that could result in mistakes.

Apple Should Avoid These iPhone 8 Mistakes That Would Hurt Them

iPhone 8 Mistakes That Apple Should Avoid

Three Variants of iPhone 8

We informed you various times in our previous articles that Apple will release three variants in 2017. One is, of course, iPhone 8. The other two models are going to be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Now according to the reports, only the iPhone 8 is going to delay then what would happen to the ‘S’ versions of the iPhone? Let’s find it out below.

Delay In Releasing iPhone 8 

According to the reports by DigiTimes and many other reliable sources, technical problems related to the lamination procedure of edge to edge OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode panels, and the 3D sensing system adoption may cause the delay in the release of the new iPhone 8.

MacRumors suggest that they might not be affected with the iPhone 8 and Apple will release both of the ‘S’ variants in the month of September as they have done for the last couple of years. However, these ‘S’ versions are all about speculation at this time as Apple is extremely secretive with the product launches and what they have got in their stores for the consumers.

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If Apple releases the ‘S’ models in September, then they should announce the release date of iPhone 8 in that event just like they did at the time for AirPods and iPad Pro. Even if they do not release the ‘S’ smartphone then still they should announce the iPhone 8 release date in the 1st week of September.

David Hsieh, senior director at research company IHS Market, has revealed that the Apple had placed big orders for a screen of the device. Hsieh told that Apple had ordered around 70 million units of OLED displays from Samsung this year, while Samsung is making to churn out as many as 90 million for Apple in 2017, in case demand exceeds expectations.


iPhone 8 Price

The pricing of iPhone 8 has also had many speculations surrounding it with analysts believing it to be around $1000. Analyst Steven Milunovich from UBS confirms that the new iPhone 8 model will come as a premium model. He claims that the 64 GB cost of iPhone 8 will be $70 to $95 higher than the iPhone 7S Plus model.

Judging by the analysis of Milunovich the iPhone 8 will come with a hefty price tag of $850 to $900. Apple fans seem fine with paying more for features and specification they feel are differentiated. He told CNBC and noted that the OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode model could account for 45% of shipments in fiscal 2018.

Do Not Copy Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple’s next iPhone model could copy the signature feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 as per the reports. It would be one of the big iPhone 8 mistakes. Prominent Leaker KK from Weibo has leaked that Apple may copy the curved design of Galaxy S8 with thin bezels. He also shared a rendering of how iPhone 8 will look with narrow bezels and curved screen.

Do Not Copy Samsung Galaxy S8

A dimensional drawing shows that the bezels around the corners of the screen are only 4 mm thick. The device itself measures at 137 x 67 mm, which is approximately the same size as the iPhone 7. Though, the screen is 5.7 inches diagonally, almost identical to the Galaxy S8.

It indicates that it might share the S8’s unusual 18:9 aspect ratio, although the pictures do not confirm this.

The drawing also shows an earpiece at the top of the screen. The top of the screen has front facing camera, microphone, and other sensors.

The display is filling the whole front of the device. There is no dedicated Home button, and Touch ID sensor is not visible.

Apple is rumored to be trying to develop Touch ID into the iPhone’s display. Though, the company is struggling to perfect the technology. So it could put the sensor on the back of the device.

Other iPhone 8 Mistakes To Avoid

Apple should come up with its new and innovative design, rather than copying Galaxy S8. The one mistake Apple should avoid is the fingerprint scanner beside the rear camera. Samsung Galaxy S8 is beautiful, and the response is great. However, it is not the perfect Android phone. Do you know why? Because of the weird fingerprint scanner replacement besides the back camera.

The fingerprint scanner is not a new technology, but Apple has not adopted it yet in iPhone models. Now we have seen many reports regarding iPhone 8 featuring a fingerprint scanner, and we also covered that story. The Cupertino-based tech giant should place it little lower on the back of the device, like the Google Pixel. It would be great if they embed it on the front of the device.

In Our Opinion

We talk about the delay in the release of iPhone 8 and other iPhone 8 mistakes. To be honest, we do not think that Apple can avoid this. As far as price is a concern, Apple should think about it. We know the iPhone 8 of $1000 will still sell like crazy, but each and everyone cannot afford the $1000 for iPhone 8. The fingerprint sensor should be like Google Pixel, better if place on the front. We hope that you liked our article. Kindly share it with your friends and family to let them know more about iPhone 8.

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