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Apple iPhone 8 Fingerprint Sensor Design Similar To Galaxy S8

Apple iPhone 8 Fingerprint Sensor

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Apple iPhone 8 Fingerprint Sensor Design Similar To Galaxy S8


Apple is still six to seven months away from the release of iPhone 8. Though, leaks, rumors, and concepts continue to pour in almost every other day. The latest leak brings a mockup picture of the upcoming iPhone 8 Jet Black color model showing the device from both sides. The image is indicating that the iPhone 8 will feature a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device because the front picture is suggesting that the display will be all screen. However, the interesting thing is that iPhone 8 fingerprint sensor design is almost similar to recently released Samsung Galaxy S8.

The iDrop News shared the photo, created with the help of leaked insider’s pieces of information. We can clearly look at the front picture. The front of the iPhone 8 mockup photo is more than 90% similar to Galaxy S8.

The New Concept Of Apple iPhone 8 Fingerprint Sensor


Apple iPhone 8 Fingerprint Sensor

Image Source: iDrop News


The picture is showing that there are no side bezels. The top and bottom bezels are narrow. The display has curved edges on the right and left sides. The home button is not physical; instead, it is looking like digital home button same as Galaxy S8 has it.

The back of the iPhone 8 has some weird design. There is a vertical dual lens camera instead of horizontal shape like the iPhone 7 Plus. The rear fingerprint scanner is below the Apple logo, but just from a glimpse, it looks misplaced.

The report also suggests that iPhone 8 will feature slightly curved 2.5D OLED display, which has been already leaked.

In Our Opinion

We recommend you to take this mockup picture with just a grain of salt. The source of the image is the employee of Foxconn, and the image is on the basis of a prototype. What do you think about this concept? Is this concept realistic or just for the sake of making a mockup? You can also tell us what features, specs, and design you want to see in upcoming iPhone concept by leaving us a comment below.

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