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Apple iPhone 8 Concept


The Apple released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year in 2016. Both of these variants are the best sellers compare to any other smartphone. Even the manufacturers of iPhone 7 Plus specifically, are not able to supply the smartphones according to the demand in the market. The smaller iPhone 7 sold and still selling quickly as well. It is impressive that Apple broke all the previous records of everyone even their records. It is also impressive, considering that Apple has not changed its concept and design and reusing it from last three years. Apple enthusiasts and lovers still want to upgrade their smartphones even when it looks identical. Now take a moment and imagine what would be the demand if Apple comes up with new iPhone 8 concept? And we have news that they are surely considering about making a new concept of iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 Concept Are The Best We Have Seen To Date

iPhone 8 Concept Photo

Apple is coming with not just one but so many new concepts. Such as bezel-free design, new sensor home button, curved design, and OLED display.

Apple has not changed its design from last three consecutive. However, the sales are still gradually increasing, and the iPhone 8 predecessor is the best-selling smartphone in the world right now. It would be great to see what would happen when iPhone 8 will come with the new concept. Few of the new iPhone 8 concepts and designs are listed below.

Bezel Free Design

How Much iPhone 8 Will Cost image

The bezels are the black vertical lines on sides of any smartphone. From the very start, not even iPhone but every smartphone has bezels on it. It captures additional area on the screen of your smartphone. Now the new iPhone 8 concept may remove it entirely so that the display will cover it.

New Sensor Home Button

Apple ditches the physical home button in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, you can see that button on your screen. Now, Apple is planning to remove it completely and vanish from a human eye. Apple would build a sensor button instead and omit physical button or pressable button.

Curved Design

Apple is also planning to make the curved design of upcoming iPhone 8. According to this idea, the new iPhone 8 concept will feature an edge to edge design.

OLED Screen

A report published in the Wall Street Journal on 28th of November 2016 which suggests that Apple may come up with Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) with a curved body.  The report is quite lengthy, but unfortunately, the details about the OLED display are very restricted.


Wall Street Journal also claims in the report that Apple is currently working on at least ten different mock-ups for the upcoming iPhone 8 in September 2017. It is undecided that which mockup or design would be the final product.  The above-defined concept and design feature OLED display and bezel free design. It is still not confirmed whether this idea of OLED display, bezel-free screen or new home button will prove out to be the final product or not.

Exciting And Primary iPhone 8 Model

The Upcoming iPhone 8 Expected Price Is $1000

The core and the primary iPhone 8 model is predicted to be feature a glass body, and it would support wireless charging because of its different battery. According to our reliable sources, Apple is planning to come up with wireless charging in 4.7 inches model and this technology is not yet available on any smartphone. The current smartphones in the market that support wireless charging are charged through a wireless charging mat when the smartphone placed on it. However, the upcoming iPhone 8 could be charge across the room.

iPhone 8 Preview

We have no shortages of iPhone 8 leaks and concepts. However, the alleged iPhone 8 preview video showing us jaw-dropping iPhone 8. It has a functioning lock screen, apps, and home screen. The presentation of the video is alluring. It is demonstrating how the software ecosystem will operate.

The interesting thing is the location of the iPhone 8 home button. The home button still places on the bottom of the front.

Watch the video below:

Everything is all right and put where they are supposed to be such as Wi-Fi, mobile connection, battery level, battery level, Bluetooth indicator, and time. The iPhone one 8 OLED display is making it deeper black, and it is enhancing the beauty.

Presumptions From iPhone 8 Concept

There are a lot of incredible technology, specs, and features which we can presume from the forthcoming iPhone 8. Those assumptions include big screen and body. Another rumor is the integrated technology of sensor for the home button; the new home button will not be pressable. Apple will use sensor technology instead of a physical home button. There are 50-50 percent chances for the new operating system; anything is possible on the ten anniversary of the Apple. If they release, It is expected that the new operating system of Apple will release premier operating system, with fascinating graphics and options.  The new operating system of iPhone 8 could come up with a security system that would be unbeatable.

The concept of iPhone 8 by John Gruber, the forthcoming iPhone 8 will not have a single bezel on the screen. We think that can represent the new concept of a single sheet of glass. There are predictions that Apple could kill the home button entirely and the whole front of the iPhone 8 will be the screen.

Apple is working on ten different prototypes, and it is not confirmed, yet that which mock up will be the final iPhone 8.

Our Opinion

It seems that the upcoming iPhone 8 concepts are coming straight from the heaven. Everything is going to be better even the specifications and features you love the most of the predecessors are going to better in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. We have many things to talk about the future concept of iPhone 8. Such as features like new home button, light sensors, virtual buttons, water resistant, face detection, iris recognition, dual lens camera, wireless charging, built-in mini projector, integrated E-SIM, virtual reality, augmented reality, and smart connector.

There are also many improvements in the future iPhone 8 concepts. Such as specifications like wireless air pods but no headphone jack, 256 GB storage, improved operating system, much bigger RAM, innovative technology LiFi, extended battery life, same graphics chip, faster processor, curved, OLED, bezel-free design and much more specs to brag about the future iPhone 8. We will keep you updated on our site as the new reports and stories about the iPhone 8 come. Readers, must leave a comment and tell us what you wish to see in upcoming iPhone 8?

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