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Why The iPhone 8 Battery May Have A Much Longer Life: Apple Is Reinventing Its Power Technology, Rumors Claim

iPhone 8 Battery


Why The iPhone 8 Battery May Have A Much Longer Life: Apple Is Reinventing Its Power Technology, Rumors Claim


According to the latest news from Daily Mail, the Apple iPhone 8 may have a much longer battery life. Apple is currently working on its battery management chip for the very first time, and it has opened secretive power management design centers in Munich and California for making iPhone 8 battery itself.

The rumor comes hours after a video leaked which suggested that iPhone 8 will be the first Apple smartphone to remove the home button altogether.

Current Apple smartphone use chips for power management, the electronic system that monitors the activity of the iPhone battery, built by Dialog Semiconductor, a German brand. However, industry sources are claiming that Apple has now planned to work on its own circuit system after ditching the Dialog Semiconductor.

The iPhone 8 Battery Will Play A Key Role In iPhone 8 Success

iPhone 8 Battery

After the setup of power management design centers in California and Munich, there are at least 80 employed engineers are working on a battery management chip, sources claim.

There is substantial evidence that Cupertino-based tech giant is developing its own PMIC and plans to replace the chip made by Dialog, said by analyst Karsten Iltgen of Bankhaus Lampe, a private German bank.

A source close to the matter confirmed that Apple was hiring top Dialog engineers in Munich. ‘They are hiring like crazy,’ the person said.

However, the sources also added doubt that it might take until 2019 for a chip to developed. If it is right, then it means that hardware will not integrate into the iPhone 8, which is due to ship after the month of September.

The new battery technology could increase run time without the need of a much bigger battery.


Jony Ive, Apple’s chief designer, has earlier ruled out using a larger battery because he says that it would disturb the design of the device.

Apple outsourced production of its hardware to an extended network of suppliers, large and small, while it has moved over to design its own processors and added features like fingerprint scanner since the past decade.

Over the last 12 years, Apple suppliers Wolfson, Sigmatel, Portal Player, and CSR have been replaced, pushing them ultimately to merge with more diversified players.

According to an analysis by TechInsights last year in September a few of the current chip suppliers for the iPhone 7 are Cirrus Logic, Qualcomm, NXP, ST Microelectronics, Skyworks, etc.

Apple iPhone 8 Battery

Apple will release three different variants in 2017. Two of them could be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, but nothing is confirmed about them. The only thing confirmed right now is the iPhone 8 and it would feature 3500 mAh battery and it is also rumored that internally it is referred as iPhone 8 Ferrari.

Apple iPhone 8 Versus iPhone 7 Versus iPhone 7 Plus

As we told you above that iPhone 8 will feature 3500 mAh battery. It would be the biggest battery life Apple has ever produced in any iPhone model. The current iPhone 7 features half of the battery power compared to iPhone 8. The iPhone 7 has a battery of only 1960 mAh which is 1540 lesser mAh than its successor. The iPhone 7 Plus features 2900 mAh battery which is still 600 mAh smaller than the upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Versus Galaxy S8 Versus Galaxy S8 Plus

It goes without saying that the iPhone 8 is better than its predecessors. However, the battle against the rival Samsung is tough clearly. The Galaxy S8 features non-removable 3000 mAh battery, and the Galaxy S8 Plus has a massive and equal 3500 mAh battery power.

However, Galaxy S8 Plus battery with other phones is comparable, but it is a setback for Samsung itself. They were known for featuring massive 3600 mAh battery in Galaxy S7 Edge, but after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, they have to step down.

Apple iPhone 8 Versus Blackberry Keyone

Did you ever imagine a comparison between iPhone and Blackberry? Forget to imagine about a comparison, do you even think that iPhone is better than Blackberry? On a serious note, Blackberry Keyone has already beat then iPhone 8. The battery of Blackberry Keyone is 3505. However, due to fewer features compare to iPhone, Its battery life is much longer.

In Our Opinion

Some of the sources are claiming that iPhone 8 will feature 3500 mAh and some are neglecting it by saying it is not possible until 2019. So, we will keep an eye on iPhone 8 battery and update you with the latest news. We compared battery of iPhone 8 with other top-notch smartphones in the market, and our opinion is that there is a tie between Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and Apple iPhone 8. You can leave us a comment in the comment box and share your thoughts on iPhone 8 battery.

One more thing, despite being bigger in battery size, Blackberry Keyone is a looser because it has not features and specs like iPhone have and where will you consume this much battery on? Phone calls or texts may be.

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