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‘iPhone 8’ May Allow You To Invoke Siri By Holding the Sleep/Wake Button

invoke Siri


‘iPhone 8’ May Allow You To Invoke Siri By Holding the Sleep/Wake Button


It’s time to open up those fists turning your knuckles white in apprehension! It is just a matter of hours before that shiny, classy new iPhone reveals. The wheels of the rumor mills are spinning at breakneck speed. Nevertheless, it won’t be exhausted because there will be so much more to talk about once the trendy techy iPhone 8 is on the market! Here is another new sizzling revelation about the iconic iPhone. The iOS developer Guilherme Rambo discovered the source code and could smell the possibility. Since there is a rumor that Apple will forgo the physical home button, it has come up with another way to trigger Siri with an actual button on the device. The sleep/wake/power button will now invoke Siri if you do not want to use the voice command option.

invoke Siri

Guilherme Discovers Means To Invoke Siri

The developer Guilherme Rambo, who has revealed many details of the Apple products in the past, claims to the news. He found a gesture by which Siri could be invoked.


Rambo tweeted that he is wondering if Apple moved any of the original Home button’s functionality to the “lock” button. The lock button is placed at the upper right side of the handset. One of the followers inquired if he has seen something in Apple’s code that led him to the conclusion. To this, he affirmatively responded that he certainly had discovered a gesture to invoke Siri by the lock button.

Although the type of code Rambo refers to is still vague, the Brazilian developer has previously made claims regarding Apple’s upcoming products. These include the company’s beta software.

Apple’s completely revamped iPhone abandons the Home Button entirely, pivoting instead on a new gestural interface that even comprises of a “software bar”, along with the bottom of the screen and an app dock resembling the one found in iOS 11 on iPad.

Relocation Of Functions Remain A Mystery

The cutting edge facial recognition technology will be pushing aside the Touch ID fingerprint authentication. Still, the bits and pieces of information are blurry. There is no clue of how Apple will remap other functions that Home button controls. To be more specific, any method that will activate Siri using the Sleep/Wake button has to be distinct from the current long press that activates the slide-to-power-off screen. We do not know yet whether Apple has relocated the latter functions. Another guess that we are pining on is that the power button that the OLED iPhone shelters two different contact switches. This also justifies why it appears elongated in some of the design leaks.

Whether the speculations are true or not, the media event will reveal it on 12th September. The premium OLED iPhone will come together with two new redesigned designs of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a fifth-generation Apple TV, and an Apple Watch Series 3 range with LTE power. Apple will give live coverage of this iPhone 8 event on Apple’s website and the Apple TV. For those who can unfortunately not watch the event, MacRumors will be covering the entire event.

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