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How To Control The iPhone 8 Demand? Raise The Price!

iPhone 8 Demand


How To Control The iPhone 8 Demand? Raise The Price!


Apple’s 10th-anniversary model rumors flight has already taken off. Not only the features and specs of iPhone 8, but even monikers like iPhone X, iPhone Edition, and iPhone Pro are speculating around the internet. Only Apple knows what the device will be called, but according to reliable sources, it will be called iPhone 8. Now, a few days back, we heard that Apple iPhone 8 would be available in limited quantities in 2017. So according to Value Walk, an analyst indicates that Apple is looking to control the iPhone 8 demand by selling it at a high price.

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How To Control The iPhone 8 Demand? Raise The Price!

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According to analyst JP Morgan, millions of people will upgrade to iPhone 8 when it will hit the store shelves in September 2017 or may be late as per the reports. However, the things are not going great for Cupertino-based tech giant on the manufacturing front.


The iPhone 8 is rumored to have new exciting features like Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display, edge to edge design, wireless charging, facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, no physical home button like the new Galaxy S8. The digital home button will replace the physical home button. It will be there but invisible. So, the report is suggesting that 3D sensor and fingerprint scanner will enter production in the month of September and that means the upcoming iPhone 8 release date could be pushed back by weeks and months.

Blayne Curtis, a Barclay analysts said last week that iPhone 8 will be launched along with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, but available in limited quantities. The massive demand from the customers could push the pre-order delivery. It is a guesstimate that it would be late for several weeks within minutes as the live pre-ordering starts. Another analyst Rod Hall said, ‘The pricey iPhone 8 would help Apple to curb some of the iPhone 8 demand.’

iPhone 8 Will Cost $1000

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities and Fast Company previously reported that the iPhone 8 could cost $1000. The most expensive model of current iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB cost $969.

All Three New iPhones To Feature The Same A11 Chipset

According to Digi Times report, the upcoming iPhone model will feature A11 Fusion Chip. The production of the A11 Fusion Chips will start next month in April. The company TSMC aims to produce approximately 50 million units of A11 chips by the end of July and 100 million units till the end of 2017. The new A11 Fusion Chip is expected to be more energy efficient and faster than its predecessor.

 The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Cost Cheaper Than Upcoming iPhone 8

The recently released Samsung Galaxy models cost $750 and $850. We all know that Samsung and Apple are the top two smartphone companies in the world. Samsung comes with many new features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bixby and entirely new design. The smartphone is already getting hype from the first day of launch. So, Apple must think about its plan of making pricey iPhone 8.

LG, HTC, And One Plus Are Almost Half Of The iPhone 8 Price

The LG G6 and HTC 11 Ultra released during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), and their cost is $650 and $700 respectively. The upcoming One Plus 5 is going to cost between $400 to $500 in the US. The One Plus smartphones are also known as flagship killer.

In Our Opinion

We know that Apple is trying hard on its 10th anniversary to come out of the box. They will come with a new design, OLED display, and wireless charging but in this process, they cannot afford to high the price. The days are gone when they can set any price, and it will sell. To retain the customers, Apple should come up with better design, specs, and features than the other smartphones in the market and sell it around $800 to $900. They can release it after the September if they cannot meet the iPhone 8 demand.

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