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How Much iPhone 8 Will Cost?

How Much iPhone 8 Will Cost photo
Do you know how much iPhone 8 will cost ? It will cost much more than the current price of iPhone 7 of 256 GB. So, read and find the iPhone 8 price.


How Much iPhone 8 Will Cost?


The release of the upcoming iPhone 8 is still nine months away, but if we look on the internet and search here and there for the iPhone 8, then it seems that the smartphone is coming within few days. The rumors and speculations are in bulk, and the train of rumors is running at its full speed. So, we will discuss on other things as well in this article, but first, let’s stick to the topic and read about how much iPhone 8 will cost?

How Much iPhone 8 Will Cost?

How Much iPhone 8 Will Cost image


The forthcoming iPhone 8 is going to be expensive, actually very expensive. The current price of basic iPhone 7 is $650 and the iPhone 7 Plus starting price is $750. But you will get surprised after reading the eye-opening price of the iPhone 8.

Before, going towards the actual cost, the storage options of 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB will remain same in iPhone 8. The space capacity options of 16 GB and 64 GB are already ended in the September 2016 release by Apple. So, here you go, the price of iPhone 8 are listed below.

iPhone 832 GB$1000
iPhone 8128 GB$1100
iPhone 8256 GB$1200

Remember, these prices are just rumors right now, and we can take them with just a pinch of salt.

iPhone 8 News

For quite some time, the news about the OLED display in upcoming iPhone 8 is circulating. If it happens, then it would make iPhone 8 the most advanced screen to date.

There is a certainty in this feature because recently the OLED panels price has dropped sufficiently and it can make Apple consider the OLED display in upcoming iPhone 8.

So, let’s see what happens with this rumor. We think that all these rumors and stories of every other day are lacking consensus among them and once there is consensus, then we can predict the face of iPhone 8.

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