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Apple Versus Samsung: How Can iPhone 8 Beat Galaxy S8?

How Can iPhone 8 Beat Galaxy S8?


Apple Versus Samsung: How Can iPhone 8 Beat Galaxy S8?


The release date of iPhone 8 is at least six months away. The rival Samsung has already thrown his cards in shape of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. It is creating an enormous hype all over the smartphone market. A great comeback by Samsung to regain the market. We can list down few things where Galaxy S8 is beating iPhone 7 straight away. However, instead of thinking about iPhone 7, the concern of Apple should be upcoming iPhone 8. How can iPhone 8 beat Galaxy S8? What does iPhone 8 need to beat Galaxy S8?

A Headache For Apple – How Can iPhone 8 Beat Galaxy S8?

How Can iPhone 8 Beat Galaxy S8?

We have a suggestion for Apple, and there are four things Apple must deliver with iPhone 8 to make it a worthy opponent of Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 has set a quite high bar for its competitors with its new and bold design along with features like Samsung Bixby and more.


As per the rumors, Apple is currently working on ten different prototypes. A few of them have ideas like bezel-less display and wireless charging. So here is the list of few things iPhone 8 should have to beat Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • Bezel-less display
  • Embedded fingerprint scanner
  • Face recognition and iris scanner
  • Better battery

Bezel-Less Display

The front of the Galaxy S8 is 83% consist of a screen, and it looks beautiful. Apple has an opportunity to do it better by making the iPhone 8 edge to edge in design and removing the top and bottom bezels. It is also rumored that Apple will swap the conventional LCD with OLED screen for iPhone 8. With the help of OLED, Apple can cover the front with 100% screen.

However, it is dubious considering that Samsung rumored to manufacture the display. Why would the South Korean tech giant Samsung hand off the best screen to Cupertino based tech giant Apple?

Embedded Fingerprint Scanner

Suppose, Apple successfully made the similar screen like Samsung, then the score will be 1-1. Apple can make this score 2-1 by embedding the fingerprint scanner along with Touch ID sensor on the front of iPhone 8.

The Galaxy S8 got rid of the physical home button. It has a digital home button now which is invisible when you do not use it. However, Samsung changed the position of its fingerprint scanner, and now it is present right beside the rear camera.

Face Recognition And Iris Scanner

There are other ways to unlock the Galaxy S8 by using the face recognition and iris scanner. However, Samsung has admitted that these two scanners are not the safest. Apple can improve this feature in iPhone 8 by introducing a depth-sensing camera.

Better Battery

Historically, a battery is not a good category for Apple, but it can drain the Samsung latest flagship through a better battery. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh batteries. It is slightly smaller on the S8 Plus version than the S7 Edge. Apple can come up with more powerful battery.

In Our Opinion

Apart from all these things, Apple also lacks wireless and fast charging feature, but Galaxy S8 do not. So, wireless charging and powerful battery should be the key ingredients in the making of hotly anticipated iPhone 8. Apple can also bring back the 3.5 mm headphone jack and makes it price cheaper than Galaxy S8. We hope now you all know how can iPhone 8 beat Galaxy S8. You can leave us a comment if you disagree, if you agree with us then share it with your friends.

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