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There Will Be No Home Button In Favor Of The Gesture Control In iPhone 8!

gesture control in iPhone 8


There Will Be No Home Button In Favor Of The Gesture Control In iPhone 8!


The latest reports and rumors claimed that Apple would unveil its new iPhone on September 12. These reports further added that the most significant feature of gesture control in iPhone 8 is reportedly replacing the home button. They also claimed that Apple is planning to entirely kill its iconic feature of home button. So, the next flagship device from Apple will not have any appearance of a home button.

GSM Arena suggests that the gesture control feature as a replacement of usual home button is available in iPhone 8. It will allow the user to control the device.

gesture control in iPhone 8

Apple is going to remove the home button in favor of the facial recognition technology and larger display. Gesture control in iPhone 8 is a game changing feature, and iPhone 8 is all set to remove the home button. The Home button was a permanent fixture on iPhone since its release in 2008. If Apple ends up making Home button, then it will be a very significant change in the design of iPhone 8. Reportedly the new iPhone will rely on gesture control.

The Home Button Making iPhone 8 Iconic

The home button is considered to be an iconic feature of iPhone 8. What is so iconic about the home button? A lot of current iPhones don’t even have a home button. Decades ago, the phones clunky hunks of metal with keypads, keyboards, and all other messy user interfaces. The iPhone features an all screen display, but the most significant of all was the placement of the home button at the front. In previous iPhones, the home button was doing everything. This home button was easy to understand, intuitive and was making sense to users.

The bezel-less display will have no space for the home button on the front panel. So apple is planning to get rid of it. Apple has plans to replace the home button with virtual home button, and it will support gesture control features.


Complete Absence of Home Button in Favor of Gesture Control in iPhone 8

Gesture Control in iPhone 8

According Bloomberg, Apple ditches the home button in favor of gesture controls. The Gesture control in iPhone 8 will allow users to go to main app grid and open multitasking. Instead of a physical home button, there will be a thin software bar on the device which will act as home button. The users can unlock the phone by dragging it up to the middle of the screen.

When the user is inside an app, the similar gesture will help them in multitasking. To close the app and go back to the home screen, the user has to flick upward. The multitasking interface will appear like a series of standalone cards that user can swipe through. Additionally, the home screen of the new iPhone 8 will present six vertical rows of four application, which mean a total of 24 icons on every page. With a redesigned dock, the new interface of iPhone 8 resembles that of iPad version of iOS 11.

The users can also deal with a virtual home button. Apparently, it would be a facial recognition method which can help the user to unlock the phone like Samsung Galaxy S8.

The overall size of iPhone 8 is similar to the size of iPhone 7. But this will be the first smartphone from Apple featuring an OLED display. The screen will be rounded on the corner, and the power button will be longer.

This is not the first time that Apple is taking out some features. Last year, the removal of headphone jacks in iPhone 7 and 7Plus remained a hotly contested debate. This time, the removal of the home button is going to get put into the sunset. The home button is what once made iPhone perform fluidly. It will be removed intuitively.

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