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Functionality Of iPhone X Is Questionable, Including The Performance Of Face ID!

Functionality of iPhone X


Functionality Of iPhone X Is Questionable, Including The Performance Of Face ID!


The long awaited, highly anticipated iPhone X is official now. Apple firmly unveiled the 10th anniversary smartphone at a much-excited launch event held on Tuesday. The technological advances and the feature upgrades in iPhone X are making the device quite exceptional and remarkable. There are some questions about the functionality of iPhone X including the price and the Face ID.

Functionality of iPhone X

Functionality Of iPhone X: Think About Some Good Reasons

The handset looks fantastic, but the questions about the functionality of iPhone X remain unanswered. There are plenty of good reasons to think about the iPhone X. Its enormous features and high functionality are something worth exciting. There are plenty of good reasons to believe about the uniqueness of iPhone X.  It is the most significant hit after 2015. Regarding the looks, iPhone X is the most stunning smartphone to date. For anyone looking to upgrade his phone, the iPhone X would be the most addressable market given the pace of smartphone upgrades.

This much-awaited device is considered to be the future of smartphones. It is the first smartphone from Apple which features full-screen glass display, all new super retina resolution, a reinforce glass design, and support for wireless charging. The iPhone X is known for delivering significant improvements in presentation and the camera quality. Traditionally, the screen and the camera are the two most prominent drivers of smartphone upgrades. Other than this, the considerable processing power boost, battery life improvement and few neat augmented reality features are also a part of the iPhone X. In short, we can say that the iPhone X has rounded up every pinch of tech revolution in the smartphone industry.


Four Big Question Marks for the Latest Flagship

In spite of all features, technology, and upgrades there are few big question marks for the latest flagship from Apple. Some have got a decent amount of attention, while the others regarding the functionality of iPhone X need to be addressed immediately.

1. How Quickly Supply Constraints Will Lift

Widespread reports about the iPhone X production challenges are dinging Apple shares from the past two weeks. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, significant production challenges are related to assembling of the infrared dot projector module which makes part of 3D face mapping system to enable Face ID and face unlocking system. The reports from Nikkei in Japan suggest that there is a limit in the production for the 3D sensing parts. According to one source, Apple is producing iPhone X in small quantities, around ten thousand a day.

Certainly, the supply constraints on October 27 will not necessarily do a massive damage. But, if significant obstacles persist till December, then the consumers will start wondering whether the iPhone X orders will ship in time of their purchase or not.

2. How Reliably The Face ID Will Perform

The Face ID, consisting of a front camera, a dot projector, an infrared camera and an infrared flood illuminator, is much more advanced than the face unlocking features built to date in the Android phones. The Face ID in the iPhone X is safe and secure. No one can trick the Face ID with a photo of the user, and it won’t work when the eyes of the users are closed. Furthermore, Apple claims that the Face ID will work if a user is wearing hat or glasses. You can also unlock the phone from a different angle through Face ID.

All these things are not enough to make Face ID better than the face-unlocking alternatives. It must have to be as quick and reliable as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the previous iPhone and iPads.

3. How Steep Overseas Price Will Be

The 64GB model of the iPhone X will cost $999, while the 256 GB model will cost $1149. The iPhone X pricing is already pushing the envelope in the US, but things are much worse in other countries due to steep sales taxes and tariffs.

US sales taxes will tack on about $60 to $80 on the price of iPhone X for stateside consumers. Still, it is meaningfully cheaper in the US than the most overseas markets. Thankfully, partial installment plans are there to allow the high-end phone buyers to comfortably pay more than $800 and get their hands on a flagship device.

4. Change In Design And User Interface Will Cause Headaches

This is not a significant issue, but the change in design and user interface will annoy the early buyers of iPhone X. It is also likely that the device will produce some negative press. To pack edge to edge display, Apple ditched the home button. There is no support for the touch based button. The iPhone X owners can access the home screen and swipe halfway to switch between apps. To obtain the iOS 11 control center, you can swipe down from the top right-hand corner.

Certainly, the rumors suggest that the swipe up gesture will lead to accidental presses of control at the bottom of the iOS app. Moreover, the notch at the top of the display is the housing of the front camera and 3D sensing modules. It could be an obscure part of a video or game imagery and a portion of the content view in landscape mode. Eventually, the developers have to fix this issue in order to increase the functionality of iPhone X as the complaints are increasing in a short period of time.

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