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Do This One Thing Before You Set Up Your New iPhone

Set Up Your New iPhone


Do This One Thing Before You Set Up Your New iPhone


I remember when I got my first iPhone it took me days to completely understand the functionality of iOS. You might think that unwrapping a shiny new smartphone can be a very exciting experience. But that is not the case with an iPhone. Therefore I will guide you how to set up your new iPhone. Although it does still feels nice to take the proud ownership of your new possession.

Once you have opened it, there is going to be a list of things that you need to set up. But that has recently changed as things in the world of Apple has just got a lot better. So now, you don’t need to worry about any more. If you plan to get a new iPhone, then you need to do one thing to smoothly set up your new iPhone.

Set up your new iPhone – Let’s Get Started

Set Up Your New iPhone

Firstly you need to upgrade your current device to the latest iOS 11.


Now you must be thinking that why should you upgrade your phone to the latest iOS. After all it has been a few days since it got out and your new iPhone will come with it. So why do you need to upgrade it?

It is because of a feature called Automatic setup and it really is as cool as it sounds. You can take my word on that.

From Android To iOS

If you are switching from an Android phone to Apple, then you may not have this option. In this case you need to activate Google play probably for the last time and then download an app named move to iOS.

If you have an iPhone that is older than the iPhone 5s, which is the last phone that is compatible with the iOS 11, then I am sorry to say you are out of luck. You have an outdated iPhone and switching it now means you need to do some effort, which probably is long over due.

Be Sure To Have The iOS 11

If you are lucky enough and your iPhone qualifies for the iOS 11, then all your hard work is about to pay off. Just be sure that you have installed the latest iOS. Done that? Now we can finally start with what we know as ‘Automatic setup’.

Automatic Setup

This is by far the most outstanding feature that makes the new iOS way superior to the previous iOS versions. Once you know what this feature can do, you’ll feel that you have been waiting for this since a long time.

Now come to the next step. Suppose both the iPhones (the old and the new ones) are placed in front of you and both are running on iOS 11. Turn the new phone on and then select your language. The next screen, which is called the Quick Start, will then appear and it will ask you to bring your old iPhone close. Do what it says and then, the old phone, as if its under a spell, will see that the new iPhone is here and it will ask you to unlock it. The new iPhone will display a sort of a fizzing circle and when you hold the old iPhone in front of it, the camera will automatically recognize this.

It’s Done

Then, you need to enter your passcode on your new iPhone.

And that’s it; you are done!


Lastly, let the old and the new iPhone chill for sometime together as they will exchange all your information. After a while, when they are done chatting, your new iPhone will have everything stored, WiFi password, your personal settings, etc.

Doesn’t that sound magical to you? Well, it does to me! To be honest, I have been waiting for something like this since ages. Finally, it is here. Good luck to who ever is reading this and plans to see the magic of Automatic Setup themselves.

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