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Here Is How You Can Select A Wireless Charger For Your New iPhone X!

apple wireless charger


Here Is How You Can Select A Wireless Charger For Your New iPhone X!


Wireless charging in a single word sounds convenient. Just lay your iPhone X on a pad or a stand and presto. Magically, the battery will suck up the juice and get your device charged. Now you also charge your phone while using wired headphones. One of the long awaited iPhone X features is the wireless charging. It means the iPhone users are in new territory. It will pose an important question here. How to choose the wireless charger for the new iPhone?

Align Your Qi Wireless Charger

apple wireless charger

Apple is planning to integrate Qi, an existing magnetic-induction technology, rather than a proprietary charger. A critical aspect to know here is that the Qi-certified charger would be able to charge iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the X.


Before diving deeper into the Qi charger, let’s have a look at the AirPower, the first party charger from Apple.

What Is Apple AirPower?

Apple is not offering Apple-branded chargers. The online store is currently selling two third-party charging pads, the Belkin Boost Up and Mophie Wireless Charging Base. These products are charge just one device at a time. So what happens if you have an iPhone 8 and an Apple Watch?

Apple has created AirPower with the biggest innovation, which is the wireless charging. AirPower is a charger with room for the phone, watch and Apple’s AirPods. In order to charge the AirPods on the AirPower pad, you have to invest an AirPower-compatible charging case. It is unclear whether the AirPods case will work with third-party Qi chargers or just with AirPower pad. Similarly, we don’t have an idea about if the AirPower pad will charge Apple watch before series 3 or not.

How Do I Choose A Third-Party Wireless Charger?

Don’t wait for the AirPower which is expected to launch in 2018. It is high time to choose an existing Qi charger. But unfortunately, these chargers are not created equally.

The most essential and straightforward guideline to choose the best Qi charger is to buy one with the design you like and the design you can afford. Qi chargers fall into two categories; charging pads and the stands.

The charging pads are the best when you want to lay your phone down before drifting off to sleep. Whereas, if you spend a lot of time on the desk then choose a charging stand. It will help you to props up your phone so that you can see the screen. Here is the list of features which you must have to look for in a Qi charger.

  • Grip
  • Coils
  • Smart LEDs
  • Wall Adapter

Can I Still Use A Case?

The case is not made up of metal, but it is several inches thick.

Qi charging is based on magnetic induction, not direct contacts. In few millimeters of the pad, you can charge your device as long as there is no metal interference.

How Does The Charger Get Power?

Wireless charging is all about cutting one cord but adding another wire. The charger has power, and this power comes from a cable that usually plugs into a USB port. It is worth mentioning here that some charging pads don’t have a wall plug. It means you need to supply power by plugging the pad into a powered port.

To some, this is not an accurate wireless charging, but to many, it is wireless charging. Because you don’t need a wire between your phone and the charger to charge your device.

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