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The Best iPhone 8 Concept You Have Seen So Far

Best iPhone 8 Concept Without Any Doubts photo

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The Best iPhone 8 Concept You Have Seen So Far


Until now we have seen all sorts of beautiful and weird iPhone 8 concepts from different renders. However, the latest idea is the best iPhone 8 concept up till now. The concept by IDropNews looks quite similar to recently released LG G6 and upcoming Galaxy S8. Still, it manages to hold uniqueness in itself. Do you think Apple will ever release something like this? Honestly, we do not have any clue. It is just a beautiful concept screaming at everyone to be looked at just once.

Best iPhone 8 Concept Without Any Doubts

Best iPhone 8 Concept Without Any Doubts images


The idea is really alluring. There is surely something about the narrow bezels on the top and bottom of the display. It puts all your focus on the screen rather than other things.

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We can see the dual lens back camera with LED flash, and there is Apple logo too. The best thing is the color of the iPhone, which is sheer white.

The front of the device is crystal clearly showing that iPhone has an edge to edge design. The bezels are thin on top and top. Almost no bezels on both right and left side.

Moreover, there is a fingerprint scanner mounted on the front in place of the home button. However, we can see the speaker and front camera on the top of the display.

It is just a concept, similar to LG G6 and Galaxy S8 but we should accept that it looks beautiful. However, nothing is real so that we can take it with just a pinch of salt.

Apple will release three models of iPhone 8 in 2017. There is no news about the other two variants, and the other one is iPhone 8 Ferrari.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is celebrating the 10th anniversary of iPhone. It will have amazing features like Organic Light Emitting Diode – OLED display and wireless charging.

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