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Apple’s Superleaks Spilled Some Significant iPhone 8 Secrets!

iPhone 8 secrets


Apple’s Superleaks Spilled Some Significant iPhone 8 Secrets!


Another big event from Apple at the opulent new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino is just nearing. A whirlwind of leaks and rumors are successful in giving us a clear, reliable picture of what’s coming out along with all iPhone 8 secrets. The centerpiece of the event is a triangle of new iPhones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, an ultra-premium model releasing in honor of the tenth anniversary. The official unveiling of the iPhone 8 in the event would be a radical change for the company, and it will seek to wow the users for the tenth anniversary of the device.  We have got an early taste of what will be in stores from Apple ahead of the launch along with iPhone 8 secrets.

The journalists and developers describe the leak version of Apple’s latest iOS 11 operating system. Chock full of details about Apple’s special event suggest that the launch will not only include a trio of iPhone 8. There is much more to dig in and explore in today’s event for brand conscious customers.

Top Apple iPhone 8 Secrets

1. iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

A massive dose of credibility is required for the biggest rumors around Apple’s unveiling of three new models. Apple will announce three instead of two iPhones. An ultra-high end iPhone with brand new tall and narrow design, a huge OLED screen covering almost entire front of the device, face recognition infrared camera and a price of almost $1000.

The tweet mentioned above is revealing the final moniker of all three models and injecting the somewhat massive dose of credibility in all speculations and rumors coming out so far.

2. Face ID is Coming

Apple removed TouchID in favor of FaceID. Face recognition camera in iPhone 8 is sophisticated enough to detect facial expressions. It will let the user log in to the phone. Internally it’s called Pearl. But in the event, it will probably FaceID.

FaceID is one of the biggest updates in the features regarded as iPhone 8 secrets that seems almost guaranteed to happen in a new front facing camera of the device. The main focus of the camera is 3D face-scanning technology which will be used to unlock the device.

3. Face ID Will Let You Pay

Apple will use the face tech for other uses such as automatic silencing notifications, augmented reality and payments. Developers could not find a single shred of evidence to indicate that the user has to use the new face camera for payment of the purchases. If the rumors about iPhone 8 are true, then the new iPhone X will ditch the finger print sensor entirely.

The iOS developer Jeffrey Grossman discover the evidence for which you have waiting for by saying that you can unlock iPhone and use Apple Pay with your face instead of a passcode.

4. Animojis

Security is not just a single concern associated with the FaceID camera. A recent leak suggests FaceID is something which will allow you to create custom animated messages that will use your voice and reflect your facial expressions. This more interesting and more exciting feature of iPhone X is called Animoji.

iPhone 8 secrets


Benjamin Mayo a journalist from 9to5Mac discovered the working pattern of Animoji:

5. Apple Watch LTE

The two most reliable sources ensure the launch of Apple watch in iPhone 8 event. Apple will unveil the Apple Watch with a Touch of Red and four LTE cellular connectivity dots. The reports from 9to5Mac suggest LTE Apple watch is not different from Apple Watch 2. Now, get ready, because a cellular watch that does not require a nearby phone is all but certain. iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith found the code of the watch and a status screen showing cellular strength gauge.

Dig the ground deeper to find control menu of the device. Here you can find the quick setting and a toggle for turning data on and off. According to Benjamin Mayo, the Apple watch will share a phone number with the iPhone so the user can take calls on the watch even if the person is away from home. Three tweets from Brazilian Journalist Filipe Esposito highlight the new watch will support file sharing with AirDrop. You can send the location to trusted family members with Find My Friend. Last but not the least feature of the device is that it can suggest you turn off cellular data and converse battery life.

6. Apple will Chop the Status Bar in Half

The iPhone X will have a large front facing camera module hanging over the top of its all screen front. Renders on the notch design suggested it must have to be black so that it will blend with the notch. To give it a much neater look, Apple can detract it from the ultra-thin bezel appearance. Another rumor suggests it will leave room for the fewer data fields.

Other reliable sources suggest Apple will split the iPhone status bar right down the center. It will look something like this:

There is a new charging indicator too and a little dot at the upper right, above the cellular signal bars. It will move when the phone is busy in loading videos.

7. Apple TV 4K

The new Apple TV 4K is much more powerful streaming box than its predecessor. It is powerful enough to send full-resolution 4K video to your 4K TV.

According to Troughton-Smith, the new set-top box from Apple will offer a here core A10X Fusion processor and 3GB of RAM. Apple TV 4K is a pretty big jump from the current fourth generation Apple TV. Apple TV 4K need extra power to smoothly play great 4K videos on the screen. If you want 4K video streaming, then you must have to quit the internet connection. The minimum requirement of a 15Mbps connection is necessary for 4K video streaming.

Before jumping to the conclusion that Apple will locate USB-C port, a lot more evidences are required. It would not be surprising if it will happen.

The above mentioned all the iPhone 8 secrets are what we have learned from the Apple’s giant leaks so far. There are a lot more tidbits that are more interesting and more exciting for the iPhone lovers. Let see what Apple is going to introduce in Apple iPhone 8 Event.

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