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Apple’s Last Surprise Will Be The Biggest Among All iPhone 8 Surprises!

Apple’s last surprise


Apple’s Last Surprise Will Be The Biggest Among All iPhone 8 Surprises!


It is known far and wide that the new iPhone which is called the iPhone X is launching this month. Finally, the wait is over! Since the announcement of the new iPhone, there have been many surprises about the latest handset. But now as the launch date is nearing, it seems that there is nothing new that will surprise us. However, this might not be the case. Apple’s last surprise will probably come to us as a shock!

The Name Game – iPhone X or iPhone 8?

Apple’s last surprise

We all known that the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 is not going to be an ordinary handset. It is Apple’s latest flagship, and a celebratory unit as well, since it is coming on Apple’s 10th anniversary. Hence, marking a decade since the first iPhone debuted.

The iPhone 8 is going to celebrate Apple’s long reign in the cellular industry. That is why Apple is trying its best to make the iPhone 8 as grand as it can. Below, I will tell you all the surprises that the iPhone 8 has given us over time. And at the end, I will reveal Apple’s last surprise for us.

All iPhone 8 Surprises!

The new iPhone is going to be entirely different than its predecessors. It will come with a completely revamped design. Apple fans can testify to the statement that Apple doesn’t favor much changes. That is why, it has kept its classical design conserved throughout the decade. But now, Apple brings in some new changes to its latest iPhone since it is the need of time! Apple’s last surprise, is however, truly shocking!

The design

Apple’s last surprise

If we talk about the design, then the iPhone 8 is something which you have never expected from Apple. Previously, we have seen minor changes in the design of iPhones. But this iPhone is completely different. The iPhones were quite infamous for having enormously thick bezels. However, it isn’t going to happen with Apple’s latest flagship. The iPhone 8 will be completely bezel-less, featuring an edge to edge display screen. Now you can have more viewable area, rather than the thick bezels that surrounded the display screen. And that is not all. Apple is replacing the LCD with the OLED display screens. This is the first time Apple is incorporating OLED display screens in any smartphone.

The iPhone 8 will have a complete glass front with no physical button present on the screen. Apart from a glassy front, Apple is placing a complete glass back too in its latest device. (It reminds us of the iPhone 4.) The iPhone 8 will have polished metal corners that will have a glass body. Apple is also ditching its iconic home button which has been around since the first iPhone was launched. (Do you think this is Apple’s last surprise for iPhone 8? Not at all!)

So Long Touch ID

Apple’s last surprise

Apple isn’t only killing the home button. It is also killing its Touch ID feature because it was fixed in the home button. With no home button, Apple has no place to incorporate the Touch ID sensor.

Initially, Apple thought to place the Touch ID sensor underneath the OLED display. You would just touch anywhere on the screen of the phone, and it would be unlocked instantly. But as we know, this is Apple’s first time with OLED screens. Therefore, it is having difficulty in incorporating the Touch ID sensor under the OLED display screen. So Apple is just killing that feature. Just hope this act could be Apple’s last surprise as regards the ditching of the signature iPhone features!

The Touch ID sensor was brought to the market by Apple itself. It was Apple who introduced this feature in its iPhone 5S. This feature quickly became a hit and was later adopted by many other mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung.

Facial Recognition

Apple’s last surprise

Apple isn’t only killing its iconic features, but is also introducing some new ones as well. One of them, which I think, is the perfect replacement of the Touch ID sensor, is the Facial Recognition feature. People at Apple Inc. know that killing the Touch ID feature will be a major setback. To make up for that loss, Apple is introducing Facial Recognition. You might think that this feature isn’t all new, as it was seen in the Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8. But the facial recognition system in Galaxy S8 was flawed. Anyone could open the cell phone by merely placing a picture in front of the camera. It means that the cell phone could not differentiate between a real person and an image. Hence, making the cell phone vulnerable to fraudulent accesses.

Two Iris Scanners

Apple’s last surprise

Apple is going to incorporate a flawless facial recognition system by placing 2 iris sensors in the iPhone 8. If we look at the leaked iPhone 8 design image, we could see a top notch cut out area. This area will house the two iris scanners along with the front camera and a sensor.

Why has Apple placed two iris scanners? It is because it does not want to repeat the mistakes that Samsung did. The facial recognition technology of Apple is said to be so accurate that it could scan your face in 3D. It means that it will even note the most minor facial features, like wrinkles and blemishes, etc. Hence the facial recognition feature could even differentiate between two identical twins. And that is not all. Now you don’t have to hold the phone in alignment to your face to unlock it as the phone could also scan your face while it is lying on a flat surface. (It will be an interesting innovation, but Apple’s last surprise is still hidden!)

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Wireless Charging

Apple’s last surprise

There is another feature that has been long rumored and is finally being introduced in the iPhone 8. It is the wireless charging. This too has been introduced in Samsung’s flagship, and it is about time that Apple brings this feature in its iPhone 8. Through wireless charging, all you need to do is place your phone on a charging pad connected to a socket. As soon as you place your cell phone on the pad, the phone will start to get a charge. Regretfully, the wireless charging pad and its accessories will not be included in the box of iPhone 8. It will be sold separately and will probably cost you a few extra hundred dollars.

Dual Rear Camera

Apple’s last surprise

The iPhone 8 also has a premium camera. This might come as a surprise, but Apple has decided to reposition the camera in the iPhone 8. Previously, in the iPhone 7Plus, the dual camera was placed horizontally. But, in the iPhone 8, the dual camera is placed vertically.

Why has Apple suddenly changed the camera position? We all know that Apple has been working on augmented reality for a long time and this camera repositioning can’t be just a coincidence. While using apps that are based on augmented reality, the phone is usually held in a landscape position. This new repositioning of the rear camera will support the augmented reality based apps. Hence it can be said that the iPhone 8 will lay the foundation of the era of a whole new technology (still, it isn’t Apple’s last surprise).


Besides the camera position, the iPhone 8 also features “SmartCam” and “gesture control”. The SmartCam feature is going to change the way you take everyday pictures. The all new SmartCam will automatically adjust according to the environment. It does not matter if you are in a night club, under the sun or under fire works, the camera will automatically adjust its settings, allowing you to take break taking pictures in all conditions.

Gesture Control

The gesture control comes from the vertical home button. We all know that the iPhone 8 will have no physical home button, but it will have a vertical home button that we will see on the screen. There are many gesture commands that you can use to operate your cell phone. For instance, you can silent the incoming calls and notifications that pop ups on the screen just by glancing at the phone in a particular manner – thanks to the dual iris scanners present on the phone!

Read along, as Apple’s last surprise is yet to reveal!

iOS 11

Apple’s last surprise

The iPhone 8 is rumored to run on the latest iOS 11. The latest iOS will have all the futuristic features that you could think of. One such example is of the augmented Siri. Earlier, when using Siri, you use to ask her about stuff. But now, you only have to open your camera and point at the object you want to know. Siri will tell you all about it. Sounds fun, no? Let’s hope it is as high as we think it is.

Apple A11 CPU

Apple’s last surprise

All the cool iPhone 8 features will be running on an entirely new CPU, that is the Apple A11 CPU. It is energy efficient, and it stays cool as it features a 10 nanometer technology with a new record of 4537 points in single-core mode and 8975 points in multi-core.

Here Comes The Apple’s Last Surprise!

Apple's last surprise

Above you have all the surprises that we will see in the iPhone 8. From a whole new design to the features like facial recognition, wireless charging technology, augmented reality, SmartCam, gesture control along with iOS 11, and the powerful hardware with the all new Apple A11 CPU. Aren’t these surprises grand? Each one of them makes us want the iPhone 8 even more. But the Apple’s last surprise is yet to come!

The Price Tag

The iPhone 8, with such jaw dropping features, will come with a price tag of $1200. Yes, that is right, the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive handset that Apple will be launching on 12th September. What makes the iPhone 8 so expensive? Well, it is Apple’s 10th birthday, and the iPhone 8 is its celebratory unit as well, so a hefty price was expected. But, a price tag of $1200 is still the biggest surprise that Apple has given us.

While there are several different options for the device configuration and the pricing, but the consensus is forming around the three storage options and an eye watering price. The recent data point in the pricing graph has come from Benjamin Geskin who usually backs up the far and wide held view of the iPhone’s price.

The Price Division

The entry-level model which is of 64 GB is expected to come in at $999 exclusive of tax. Then, a mid-tier model which is of 256 GB is priced at $1099, and finally, a top tier model which is of 512 GB is priced at $1199. That is definitely a new line-up for an iPhone as it does match the iPad Pro choices. We all know that Apple loves repeating patterns, so you may consider this is as another nod towards the iPhone 8 being the absolute ‘Pro’ smartphone in the portfolio.

Like always, Apple has kept a $100 separation between all the storage tiers, which has led to a curious situation. It is like the first storage increase that we see among the models is of 192 GB which costs the same as the second increase which is of 256 GB. Presumably, Apple won’t be so crass as to only say ‘buy another 192 GB, get a bonus 64 GB for free’, but still, the thought is there.

Is iPhone 8 Worth $1200?

There is no doubt that Apple will also be maintaining its profit margin of the iPhone 8 which is generally accepted to be almost around 35-40%. But the consumers will definitely be thinking what they are going to get when they empty out their pockets and pay the ‘Apple premium’. Most of the new features that Tim Cook and his team will be highlighting to the iOS ecosystem are the usual standard features on the latest high-end Android devices. For example, OLED screens, curved glass, wireless charging and dual lens cameras can all be found in the handsets manufactured by the competitors.

Moreover, some of those features will also be limited. For instance, the wireless charging system that is introduced may be based on the Qi standard. But it seems like Apple will lock the iPhone 8 hardware to only accept a charge from the third-party devices that have been licensed by Cupertino.

Wrapping It Up

So, here you can find all the surprises that Apple has given to us; the last surprise being about the iPhone 8 price. The new iPhone 8 is Apple’s premium handset, therefore, it has a premium price as well. But, with such a hefty price, will the consumers buy the new iPhone right away? Or will they go for other variants that are launching with the iPhone 8, that is iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus? Let’s see what time reveals to us.

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