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Apple’s Actual iPhone 8 Design Have Just Leaked For The First Time

iPhone 8 Design

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Apple’s Actual iPhone 8 Design Have Just Leaked For The First Time


The prominent Apple leakers Benjamin Geskin took Twitter on the weekend to tweet new images claiming to represent a CNC model of a dummy iPhone 8. We have already seen some interesting iPhone 8 concepts from reliable sources, and these pictures arguably provide us the first glimpse at how the upcoming iPhone 8 is going to look like. We know that Benjamin Geskin reputation is authentic when it comes to the prediction of an unreleased smartphone, and it is the very first time that we are seeing iPhone 8 design.

Apple’s Actual iPhone 8 Design Have Just Leaked For The First Time

iPhone 8 Design

The device looks incredibly sleek with almost no bezels surrounding the display. It is just 4mm dimension wise according to Geskin. The iPhone 8 features an immersive display which is comprised of a giant piece of glass, which chief designer of Apple has reportedly envisioned for the iPhone for years.

The only cut in the display is for the earpiece, apparently confirming the earlier news that Apple finally figured out a way to embed the Touch ID sensor into the screen and hide the front facing camera.

iPhone 8 Design

Interestingly, Benjamin Geskin adds that the design ‘iPhone 8 back glass and metal frame’ to look and feel like it is just a single component. The final result is a model that he claims is ‘even more merged’ than the Galaxy S8 and one that features ‘almost no transition between frame and glass.’


iPhone 8 by Benjamin Geskin

Moreover, the sides are said to have polished stainless steel while the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display is reportedly 2.5D glass.

The better shots of the upcoming iPhone 8 front design, side, and back. I hope you note the vertical orientation of the camera line up with recently leaked iPhone 8 schematics.

iPhone 8 from different angles

The images above representing a dummy unit, Benjamin Geskin’s sources told him that the final iPhone 8 design would be glossy black for a more seamless design.

Benjamin Geskin Tweet

If we talk about the size, then Geskin writes that the iPhone 8 will be 7.1 mm and size of the device will remain just like iPhone 7. Incidentally, the camera on the back will reportedly protrude a bit, with Geskin noting:

Now we all know that Apple experiments with various iPhone models before deciding upon a final ultimate design, but we have to imagine that what Apple has in its mind for the iPhone 8 must look similar to the leaks above. As much as Apple loves expressing about how safe Touch ID is, and for as much as Apple likes talking about how Apple Pay will assist usher in a new wallet-less future. It almost looks impossible to imagine a scenario where the Cupertino-based tech giant would roll out an iPhone design with a Touch ID sensor on the back.

In our Opinion

We can take the Geskin’s tweet with just a pinch of salt right now because there is no official confirmation from Apple. However, we can rely on his tweets till then as he is one of the most reliable Apple leakers in the world and his record is highly accurate. If you like our article then kindly bookmark our page and visit again to know more about the upcoming iPhone 8.

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