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Apple Will Feature OLED In iPhone 8

There will be two or three variants of iPhone 8. One of the models will feature OLED display. It is confirmed that Apple will feature OLED In iPhone 8


Apple Will Feature OLED In iPhone 8


Apple is going to launch iPhone 8 on its 10th anniversary instead of iPhone 7S. Many rumors are circulating that there will be three variants of iPhone in 2017. So, whether there will be two variants or three the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) variant is confirmed in 2017. Apple will feature OLED in iPhone 8.

Apple Will Feature OLED In iPhone 8

Apple Will Feature OLED In iPhone 8 images


The upcoming iPhone 8 most intriguing feature is OLED. Only one model out of two or three variants will feature OLED. Another exciting news about the iPhone 8 is a significant design change in 2017. Apple has not changed its design since iPhone 6. It was awaited in iPhone 7, but the new design will take place in iPhone 8. The display of upcoming iPhone will be almost bezel-less, and the Touch ID button will be embedded into OLED screen. The new design will also be curved, and it will have curved edges on both sides.

The analysts and observers are already claiming that iPhone 8 with OLED feature will be the best and most popular smartphone of 2017. The iPhone 7 broke all the records of sales and no smartphone ever has the demand for iPhone 7 has in 2016 and 2017. Apple has not changed its design in iPhone 7 but still the iPhone 7 manufacturers failed to meet the demand. Now, Apple is coming with a major redesign in iPhone 8 with incredible features and specifications such as OLED, wireless charging, built-in E-SIM and much more.

The OLED display will be a great feature to add in upcoming iPhone 8. However, it is reported in Wall Street Journal report that Apple is working on ten different prototypes and one of them has OLED, curved edges and bezel-less display. So, we have to wait and watch that what Apple has in its bank.

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