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Apple iPhone 8 Price In Denmark

Apple iPhone 8 Price In Denmark
Danish people have exceptional love for iPhone. They are curious about the device, and the first thing they want to know is Apple iPhone 8 price in Denmark.


Apple iPhone 8 Price In Denmark


It goes without saying that people of Denmark love iPhone the most but Apple is in no mood to release any details soon. There are nine months to wait for Danish iPhone enthusiasts. However, the flight of iPhone 8 rumors has already taken off. We hear latest and incredible news every other day about the upcoming iPhone 8. The most recent rumors are indicating that iPhone 8 will sport a radical redesign. However, this article will maintain focus on Apple iPhone 8 price in Denmark.

Apple iPhone 8 Price In Denmark

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Apple is planning to launch three iPhone models next year including the iPhone 8. There is a mixture of rumors suggesting that those three models will be basic iPhone 8, premium iPhone 8 Plus, and also the premium iPhone 8 Ferrari. On the other hand, the rumors are suggesting that the first two models could be the successor of iPhone 7, which can be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

According to the latest report published in Digitimes, Apple has placed orders for the flexible printed circuit boards for two companies that are making Apple products from few years. The circuit boards could be integrated into products with OLED displays.

The report in Digitimes, also indicates that Flexium company is making relevant components for iPhone 8 with a curved OLED screen. The company believes that they can fulfill the majority of the orders by mid-2017.

However, here is the price of iPhone 8 in Denmark, the iPhone 8 Ferrari is pricey because it will feature OLED display, wireless technology and much more.

iPhone 832 GB4628.06
iPhone 8128 GB5340.07
iPhone 8256 GB6052.09
iPhone 8 Plus32 GB5340.07
iPhone 8 Plus128 GB6052.09
iPhone 8 Plus256 GB6764.10
iPhone 8 Ferrari32 GB7120.10
iPhone 8 Ferrari128 GB7832.11
iPhone 8 Ferrari256 GB8544.12

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