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The Latest Leak Indicates Apple Might Make A Change To The iPhone 8 Fingerprint Scanner


The Latest Leak Indicates Apple Might Make A Change To The iPhone 8 Fingerprint Scanner


It is anticipated that Apple will launch a new design model of the upcoming iPhone in the fourth quarter of 2017. It will cover the entire front of the device with a screen. If it happens, then the new design would have less room for a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. According to the analysts, Apple has been struggling to integrate the sensor underneath the screen. A solution suggested by the analyst is that iPhone 8 fingerprint scanner should be put on the back, like the top flagship smartphones of Google (Pixel) and Samsung (Galaxy S8).

Apple Might Put The iPhone 8 Fingerprint Scanner On Back Of The Device

iPhone 8 Fingerprint Scanner

Apple leaker Sonny Dickson leaked a manufacturing document. It says that Apple is thinking the same, they will put the fingerprint sensor on the back and underneath the Apple logo.

Dickson tweeted on Wednesday, the dual vertical camera and Touch ID sensor on the back, definitely a shift in design. However, the leak is not verified but Sonny Dickson is the prominent Apple leaker, and he published accurate information previously.

The latest updates on what to anticipate from Apple’s new designed iPhone coming this fall:

  • Apple plans to use “10-nanometer process” faster chips that improve efficiency over the “16-nanometer process” which Apple is currently using for its processors.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus has a dual-lens camera, and it is horizontal in shape, the iPhone 8 will feature dual-lens camera too, but it would be vertical in style. The front camera may also get a second lens as well.
  • The latest mock-up of the new designed iPhone 8 uses slightly curved glass on the back and front. It is similarly conceptual to the iPhone 4.
  • The two other models could be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Both of these phones will use the same screen technology. The size of iPhone 7S would be 4.7 in screen size, and iPhone 7S Plus would have 5.5 inches screen.
  • The new model would cover the entire front of the device with a screen. Apple will use OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode display for the very first time on iPhone.

Fingerprint Sensor: Apple iPhone 8 Versus Samsung Galaxy S8 Versus LG G6

LG G6 fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S8 is also present on the back of the device, right beside the camera. The position of the Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor is weird, the sensor is present right beside the back camera and due to its large size, and users have to stretch their hands to reach the scanner.

Whereas, LG G6 fingerprint scanner is present near the middle of the back. There is nothing on sides of the sensor, so the location of LG G6 fingerprint scanner is better than the Galaxy S8.

The leaked news indicates that iPhone 8 fingerprint scanner is quite similar to LG G6. It will be present underneath the Apple logo.

In Our Opinion

The Apple has a good chance to make the best fingerprint scanner among its rivals and other top flagship smartphones. In our view, it should be located exactly on the middle of the device. It would be easier to reach and use. Now tell us in comments, what do you thing about iPhone 8 fingerprint scanner, will Apple feature it? Where will they place it? And which position should be best according to your personal view.

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