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A $1,000 iPhone 8 Will Still Sell Like Crazy

iPhone 8 Will Still Sell Like Crazy


A $1,000 iPhone 8 Will Still Sell Like Crazy


The upcoming iPhone 8 is anticipated to be pricey than last year’s primary iPhone variant. According to many rumors, the iPhone 8 will be available at a huge price of $1000.  However, the $1000 iPhone 8 will still sell like crazy in our opinion. According to a report by Business Insiders, analysts are split on whether Apple will stick with $1000 price tag for the iPhone.

It Would Not Be An Issue For Apple Fans: A $1,000 iPhone 8 Will Still Sell Like Crazy And We Know It

iPhone 8 Will Still Sell Like Crazy

Some of the analysts are worried about it. However, if the cheapest iPhone 8 will cost around $1000, then still the iPhone 8 will still sell like crazy. All those observers and analysts are probably wrong. A research note from Longbow says that Apple has the right to charge more because of the new technologies featuring into the phone.


The OLED display, new design, increase in memory, and much more are some of the factors that could determine Apple to charge more for the iPhone 8.

Apple mostly kept the same price of iPhone for years. Last year, they cost only $20 more for the iPhone 7 Plus compared to the 2015 edition. Though, it doubled the storage for both 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screens. Apple managed to higher the average selling cost of the iPhone. It means people are ready to pay a premium price for Apple smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Versus Apple iPhone 8

No one can deny the fact that one of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is its price. The cheapest version of Galaxy S8 costs $720, which is in line with iPhone 7 pricing. It was certainly a surprise from Samsung for a smartphone that was expected to be expensive than the cheapest iPhone 7.

IHS said in a press release that it costs an estimated $307 to manufacture Galaxy S8. It is $43 more than the Galaxy S7, and $80 more than the iPhone 7. However, Samsung decided not to raise the price, but the Galaxy Note 7 recall could be a reason behind it. On the other hand, Apple has not worry about anything right now.

Yes, the more pricey and expensive the iPhone is, the harder it is for customers in potential or emerging markets to get one, not to mention that it might make the Galaxy S8 look even more appealing. Regardless of what Apple ask for the iPhone 8 at the launch. It will likely sell better than any phone that launches in 2017. Get your wallets ready.

LG G6 Versus Apple iPhone 8

The LG G6 launched during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event this year in 2017. The price of LG G6 is $650; there would be a difference of $350 between iPhone 8 price of $1000. However, the target segments of these companies are entirely different, and it would not affect Apple at all.

In Our Opinion

Now even if Apple set the price $1000 for iPhone 8, then it would not be an issue for many Apple customers. Usually, Apple has an iPhone Upgrade Program that makes it easier to upgrade, and carriers themselves convince their customers to buy the latest iPhone. Now share your opinion with us in the comment box, will you purchase the $1000 or you will stick to your current iPhone model or any other smartphone?

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